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  • Praxis Chat on Using AI Tools for Learning and Creating at Work

    My friends at Praxis (where I used to work) asked me to join them for one of their Monday night workshops for folks in the program. I had originally planned to talk about learning out loud, showing your work, and blogging, but I changed the topic at the last minute to something a bit more […]

  • Week of March 20, 2023

    Spring is here! Nice to hear the frogs again in the wet areas of the woods. No wildflowers appearing just yet, but Charlie and I are keeping our eyes peeled on our walks. I like the woods in early Spring. Warm enough to not need a coat, no bugs yet, and you can see a […]

  • Week of March 13, 2023

    Amanda and I both got strep throat this week, Amanda early in the week and me at the end of the week. I’m writing this Sunday night in bed with a fever. I was supposed to be on jury duty tomorrow, but I’ll have to call and ask for a deferral tomorrow. The nor’easter that […]

  • Week of March 6, 2023

    This week was kind of a blur. I had to go back through photos and text messages to piece it together. This week I also spent quite a bit of time planning out some house projects. We want to renovate the attic and turn it into a third floor living space, so I was on […]

  • Week of February 27, 2023

    Monday was my birthday! We celebrated the day before with a day trip to Kingston and Woodstock, where we visited a bunch of indie bookstores and two restaurants I’ve wanted to try. It was a really nice day! The find of the day was the full Sandman series, each book signed by Gaiman, at regular […]

  • Thirty-three

    Since I’m working today, we celebrated yesterday with a day trip to Kingston and Woodstock, where we visited a bunch of indie bookstores and two restaurants I’ve wanted to try. It was a really nice day! I think this year has gone by faster than any year in recent memory. It has been a great […]

  • Week of February 20, 2023

    Busy week! My parents were in town last weekend, so I published my weekly post early and was offline for most of the weekend. They helped us put in new bookshelves in my office and moved the chalk board. I love it! This opens up the space and gives it more of a study feel […]

  • Week of February 13, 2023

    Sleep training toddlers is not for the faint of heart. Unfortunately, while sleep training a toddler this week, I learned that I am faint of heart. It did get easier by the fifth night. I don’t have a lot to say this week. Work was pretty stressful, which coupled with the lack of sleep was […]

  • iOS Shortcut Actions for Micropub posting

    I recently lamented about how few options there are for Micropub posting on iOS now that Indigenous was pulled from the app store. I had a hunch that the Shortcuts app could be a solution since Micropub takes pretty simple cURL requests, and after some testing to figure it out I put together a set […]

  • Week of February 6, 2023

    Charlie has been engaging this week. It is fun watching him make the leaps where he wakes up one day and has new skills. He seems to understand more of our language and is trying to string it together himself, doing some solo imaginative play, and noticing even the smallest things. He is saying Momma […]

  • Apple Shortcut to upload photos to WordPress Media Library

    UPDATE 11 Feb 2023: Good news! I refactored this to work with the Share Sheet and to prompt you for credentials and a media endpoint on the initial setup. Here is the new link: Here is how easy it is to use on macOS. And here is how easy it is to use on […]

  • Week of January 30, 2023

    After I posted last week’s update, we went to Beacon, NY, and had a nice family day exploring parts of Main St that we haven’t gone to yet. Charlie walked almost a mile on his own and overall we had a really good time. We had burgers and fries at Meyer’s Olde Dutch, which we […]

  • Week of January 23

    Birria tacos, rowing, toddler joys and woes, residual sickness, website updates, and house projects.

  • My Indie Likes Workflow

    How I manage posting Indie likes from various devices and platforms to my website.

  • Week of January 16, 2023

    Remember how last week we thought Charlie had RSV? It turns out we were wrong and he had the flu. I know because I got it on Sunday and had to see a doctor on Thursday due to dehydration. It hit me like a truck on Sunday and I spent 90% of my time Sun-Thurs […]

  • Week of January 9, 2023

    A sick toddler, fondue, antique soda siphons, tiki drinks, gas stoves, and payment tokens.

  • Week of Jan 2, 2023

    New year! 2023! The prime factors of 2023 are 7 and 17. Charlie walking more has opened up additional entertainment possibilities. One of my favorite activities is walking by the Peekskill waterfront, and now he enjoys it, too! We walked a lot before he could walk, too, but carrying him the whole way got tiring […]

  • Learning Card Games: Pitch

    This year we started what I hope will become a new tradition for the week after Christmas: Learning a card game. My parents and I both have copies of Hoyle Up-to-Date from the 1970s, a collection of official rules of card games (ever heard the expression “according to Hoyle”?), so why not get some use […]

  • Weeks of December 19 and 26

    We spent Christmas in Ohio. We left a day early to avoid the major snowstorm and single digit temps, but the weather during the drive was still pretty rough. It snowed for the first four hours, then rained for the second four hours. With very little traction, we narrowly avoided hitting a car that had […]

  • 100 things that made my year (2022)

    I wrote one of these in 2017 and enjoyed the process (and outcome!), so when I saw Austin Kleon’s this year, I decided to write one again. Maybe I’ll make it a yearly thing.