• My Indie Likes Workflow

    How I manage posting Indie likes from various devices and platforms to my website.

  • Week of January 16, 2023

    Remember how last week we thought Charlie had RSV? It turns out we were wrong and he had the flu. I know because I got it on Sunday and had to see a doctor on Thursday due to dehydration. It hit me like a truck on Sunday and I spent 90% of my time Sun-Thurs […]

  • Week of January 9, 2023

    A sick toddler, fondue, antique soda siphons, tiki drinks, gas stoves, and payment tokens.

  • Week of Jan 2, 2023

    New year! 2023! The prime factors of 2023 are 7 and 17. Charlie walking more has opened up additional entertainment possibilities. One of my favorite activities is walking by the Peekskill waterfront, and now he enjoys it, too! We walked a lot before he could walk, too, but carrying him the whole way got tiring […]

  • Learning Card Games: Pitch

    This year we started what I hope will become a new tradition for the week after Christmas: Learning a card game. My parents and I both have copies of Hoyle Up-to-Date from the 1970s, a collection of official rules of card games (ever heard the expression “according to Hoyle”?), so why not get some use […]

  • Weeks of December 19 and 26

    We spent Christmas in Ohio. We left a day early to avoid the major snowstorm and single digit temps, but the weather during the drive was still pretty rough. It snowed for the first four hours, then rained for the second four hours. With very little traction, we narrowly avoided hitting a car that had […]

  • 100 things that made my year (2022)

    I wrote one of these in 2017 and enjoyed the process (and outcome!), so when I saw Austin Kleon’s this year, I decided to write one again. Maybe I’ll make it a yearly thing.

  • 40 Questions for 2022

    These questions come from Stephan Ango’s 40 questions to ask yourself every year. Answering them was a good exercise, though I think I might modify the list for next year and make it my own. Frustration has to do with expectations. Replace expectations with preferences.

  • Week of December 12

    I had my Mastodon username in my Twitter bio before the rule changes went up. I wonder how long it will be before I get suspended? 🤷‍♂️ Edit: The rule change link now goes to a 404. Constant rule changes are a great indication of a healthy platform. It was very cool to see art […]

  • Some AI use cases

    I had a good conversation with Russell Hunter, one of my coworkers at Automattic. He mentioned some uses of AI like ChatGPT that I hadn’t considered: That got me thinking a bit more afterward as well: In general, I think people focusing on how “dull” or “mediocre” the ChatGPT writing is misses the point. The […]

  • Week of December 5

    Charlie in his “that” phase. He points to things constantly throughout the day asks what they are by saying “that?”. Sometimes it takes a tired daddy a few seconds to remember what a kettle is called first thing in the morning. We got invited to a play date with some kids who were a year […]

  • Week of November 28

    Charlie has been completely attached to stuffed animals this week. He carries one with him at all times, including when we are at the grocery store and when he is sleeping. He refused to let an Elmo from daycare go on Friday, so Elmo is hanging out at our house this weekend. We went and […]

  • Week of November 21

    This was a week of rest, recovery, and hanging out. Of course, it was Thanksgiving, but I also took Tuesday off to compensate for working last Saturday. I made some bread, renewed my passport online, and caught up on some much-needed household admin work. For Thanksgiving, it was only the three of us this year, […]

  • Week of November 14

    Charlie has been showing more interest in stuffed animals recently and has been very affectionate toward them, giving them hugs and snuggling them. This week he started carrying around a stuffed sloth almost as large as he is. Some times when he gets home from daycare, Sloth is the first thing he picks up. Charlie […]

  • Week of November 7

    Charlie is getting better at making some animal sounds like “ruff ruff” and “moo.” It is adorable. We went to a friend’s house last weekend and Charlie discovered the magnets on their fridge and loved playing with them. We have some art magnets, but they are difficult for his little fingers to pull off the […]

  • WordPress 6.1 Sponsored Contributor Stats

    A month ago I wrote a post about stats for WP Core releases and received some good feedback on it. Some folks also pointed out that Jb Audras writes better general stats posts for releases than what I put together, and I agree! One thing that I found was missing from all other sources was stats on sponsored contributors, […]

  • Week of October 31

    The theme this week is connection. My first Automattic meetup, a rotating monthly donut toddler playdate, dinner with new neighbors, and family time.

  • Week of October 24

    Charlie sounded out some new words this week: Amanda put a stool by the front window so Charlie could climb up on it and look out. It has been a huge hit and he stands on it multiple times a day. We had one of Charlie’s daycare friends and his parents over on Saturday and […]

  • Week of October 17

    We spent the past week in the Lake Placid/High Peaks region of the Adirondacks. Unfortunately Charlie was sick most of the time which put a damper on things, but we made the best of what little time (and sleep) we had. Lots of reading and snuggling Charlie (I read a bunch of essays from The […]

  • Week of October 10

    Charlie Charlie is getting really close to one nap territory now. When he has two naps it is very difficult to get him down at night, but he falls asleep pretty quickly at night when he only has one nap. I guess the trick is to get the timing of that one nap right so […]