• Week of May 9

    Charlie is learning how to walk by slowly holding on to and pushing a small stool and stepping along with it. He is making great progress! He’s been trying so hard and we are very proud of him. Charlie seems to like chicken shawarma and pickled turnips. That’s my boy. The thing that has the […]

  • Week of May 2

    This week went by quickly. Lots of rain and time indoors. I didn’t do much during the week except take care of Charlie, cook, do dishes, and read. I did make up for that a bit this weekend by mowing, weedeating, and sawing and splitting some wood with my friend Jon that my neighbor let […]

  • Week of April 25

    Tough week. All three of us had colds the beginning half of the week (the first for Amanda and me since before COVID), then Charlie started teething again the latter half of the week. Seasonal allergies hit me this week, too. Nevertheless, some highlights: Caught up with Jeremy Felt, which is always nice. I now […]

  • Note: Test


  • Why blog?

    My friend Garrett Robinson asked me on Twitter, “What do you see as the advantages of blogging?”. Naturally I had to reply with a blog post. I see two main advantages of blogging, both with secondary advantages: Having your own place on the web to keep a log of your thoughts, musings, opinions, trials, and […]

  • Week of April 18

    New sprouts in the garden: Radishes, borage, calendula, bee balm, and more poppies. In the yard, wild violets are popping up and the forsythia and rhododendron look great. Black-eyed Susan volunteers came up all along the fence, self-seeded from the neighbor’s flowerbed on the other side. I’m going to leave them and weed around them. […]

  • Week of April 11

    Our radishes sprouted! We discovered that Charlie really likes oranges. He also discovered how to pull himself up to standing this week! I started a new batch of orange bitters, trying to improve upon the first batch I made a few years ago: Doubled the amount of orange peel Added more bitter botanicals (wild cherry […]

  • Week of April 4

    Our indoor seedlings are doing great and Charlie and I got out in the garden on Friday to direct sow some seeds: French breakfast radishes, peas, slo-bolt cilantro, borage, calendula, black eyed susans, hibiscus, moon flowers, and a pollinator wildflower mix. This year I’m planning on succession planting things like radishes, cilantro, and basil so […]

  • Week of March 28

    So, it is Saturday morning and I haven’t written a thing for this week’s update. I usually collect notes in a draft throughout the week, but not this week. Thankfully Charlie’s naps have been longer and I should have time to knock something out. Fingers crossed that this past week was the last 20F cold […]

  • Week of March 21

    Update on the seeds I posted about planting last week: Kale, Black Vernissage tomatoes, Cherokee Purple tomatoes, Ten Fingers of Naples tomatoes, Milkweed, and Hollyhock have already sprouted. We have another cold snap coming early next week that will probably include frost, so I’ve held off on direct sowing radishes, peas, and dill. I’ll probably […]

  • Dry vase

    I got back out in the shop today for the first time in a while. I decided to split a piece of cherry I’d been saving and turn it. With the first piece, I had intended to make another French rolling pin, but a few unfortunately placed cracks foiled that plan. Only the middle section […]

  • Week of March 14 🥧

    Every week I’m concerned that I’ll have nothing to write about, and every week I produce at least 1000 words for these updates. Big week for Charlie. His first tooth is coming in and he started saying “Da da” in relation to me. He still doesn’t ever want to be put down, but he is […]

  • WP Block Art

    Inspired by https://block-museum.com/ Black Flag

  • Week of March 7

    More signs of spring: Crocuses are blooming, early signs are showing of the very beginnings of peonies, and when it was 60F one night I could hear the frogs in the woods at dusk. It is time to start seeds for tomatoes, peppers, and tomatillos. We plan to start ours this weekend. Better get out […]

  • How to create Vera Molnar’s Structure de Quadrilatères in p5.js

    When trying to learn how to create art, it is helpful to study and copy works of the masters. Painters call this exercise the master study. This exercise is also helpful in generative art! This tutorial is a master study of one of Vera Molnar’s Structure de Quadrilatères using p5.js: A couple things to keep […]

  • Week of Feb 28

    I’m beginning my thirty-third year. You can read some reflections on my thirty-second year and the directions I’d like my thirty-third year to take. Regular reminder for myself: Remember the days when you wished for what you have now. It helps reframe your current feelings and helps you take a longer view. I met up […]

  • Migrate your Etsy Shop to your own website

    Etsy recently hit sellers with a 30% fee increase on sales, not including the processing fees, listing fees, platform store fee, and marketing fees (opt-in) they charge. They are taking quite a cut from indie sellers! They do provide a nice service and a built-in community. But indie sellers that have their own social following […]

  • Thirty-two

    I turn 32 today, and since I’m blogging more, I’d like to kick off a tradition of writing birthday posts, a la ma.tt. This past year was incredibly challenging, both at home and at work. With the stress of the pregnancy, a difficult period at work, and the uncertainty of the changing pandemic situation, the […]

  • Week of Feb 21

    Small seasons update: The beginnings of crocuses started popping up in the front flowerbeds, trees are starting to bud out, and taps are in the sugar maple trees. Thanks to a reminder on Instagram from my friend Erin Carlson, I sowed poppy seeds during nap time this week. Hungarian Blue Breadseed and Icelandic Grey poppies. […]

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