Month: January 2009

  • Day 31 – South Haven, MI

      South Pier Lighthouse, South Haven, MI. Click the photo to view it larger.   Today, my friends David, Hannah, Bethany, and I drove two and a half hours west to South Haven, MI. Our original intention was to photograph the lighthouse there and then explore the town, but when we arrived, we found a pleasant surprise. […]

  • Day 30 – Good Intentions

    “The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding.” ~ Louis D. Brandeis I leave everyone with this quote for the weekend. After listening to lectures on the dangers of government intervention and the bailout of two major auto industries, I found that this quote is very […]

  • Day 29 – Dr. Jackson

      This is Dr. Jackson, my English professor this semester. I took these photos in class on Tuesday, with his permission, of course. Click the photos to view them larger.   In the bottom photo, he was refuting an argument made by one of the students in class. He is a very entertaining lecturer and […]

  • Day 28 – Last CCA Lecture

      The last speaker of the week was Paul Ingrassia, author, former journalist, and Pulitzer Prize winner. (Click on the photo to view larger.) He spoke about cars that helped define American culture. He is also writing a book on the subject, which will be published by HarperCollins. The faculty round-table discussions are tomorrow, but […]

  • Day 27 – Gennady Stolyarov II

      Sharply-dressed Gennady Stolyarov II asks author Martin Fridson a question. Click the photo to view larger.   Gennady is a senior at Hillsdale College with a remarkable triple major in Economics, Mathematics, and German. He is an independent writer for a variety of online magazines and websites and runs an online magazine, The Rational Argumentator, […]

  • Day 26 – Joseph White and Peter Collier

        Day 2 of the Cars & Trucks, Markets & Government CCA. Joseph White from the Wall Street Journal (top) and Peter Collier, political author and founder of Encounter Books (bottom), spoke today. White spoke on the decline of the Detroit 3 since 1970 and Collier spoke on the history of the Ford Motor […]

  • Day 25 – CCA Week

      Tonight was the first lecture of the Center for Constructive Alternatives lecture series titled, “Cars and Trucks, Markets and Government.” Pictured here is John Engler, former Governor of Michigan, who delivered the first lecture. Click on the photo to view larger.   Mr. Engler disappointed me a little with his question dodging and his […]

  • Day 24 – Response to Comments

    Today’s post is a response to the numerous comments that I received, both online and in person, on my post about President Obama’s Inaugural Address. Please read the comments before reading this post.   I want everyone to know that I appreciate the comments. If you ever need clarifications on what I write, just leave […]

  • Day 23 – Jeff Wysong

      This is my friend Jeff Wysong running in the DMR (distance medley relay). I took photos tonight at the indoor track meet here at Hillsdale. Click the photo to view large.

  • Day 22 –

        William Clayton is a friend of mine that I met here at Hillsdale last semester during lunch the first week. He is an excellent photographer and I really enjoy his work. He has been a great council whenever I have questions and he is always willing to help. He does a photography 365 […]

  • Day 21 – Bowling

      Click to view the photo larger. Tonight some of the guys in Niedfeldt (my dorm) decided to go bowling and invited me along. I had a lot of fun and ended up bowling a 159 (better than normal for me). I also got to take some great action shots of guys throwing the ball, […]

  • Day 20 – Inauguration Day

    As nearly everyone knows, President Obama was sworn in today at noon eastern time by Chief Justice Roberts on the West Front of the U.S. Capitol. I was in English class with Dr. Jackson during the whole process, so I missed it, but I watched the speeches online later in the day. I admit that […]

  • Day 19 – Hillsdale Swimming

      I was going through my Aperture library today and found this photo of someone on the Hillsdale Swimming and Diving team. Click to view the photo full size.   On a side note, I am looking for an ultra-wide angle lens or a fisheye. I think I have partially narrowed it down to these four. […]

  • Day 18 – Thespian Statue

      Walking around downtown Jonesville yesterday in the wind and snow, I spotted this interesting statue. An icicle naturally formed on its face. Click the photo to view it large.  50mm, f/2.8, 1/1000, ISO 100.

  • Day 17 – Hannah and David’s Cookies

      I awoke this morning to the wonderful smell of cookies baking in Niedfeldt. After I took a shower, I went to explore. Hannah M. and David W. were baking in the house director’s kitchen, so I took a few photos and sampled a cookie. It was delicious! (Click the photo to view it large.) […]

  • Day 16 – Memory from High School

      This video is from the beginning of my senior  year in high school. My friends Tyler, Dylan, and I decided it would be fun to eat Kool-Aid powder and record it. All three of us had a free two hour block where we hung out in Mrs. Opel’s room and were for the most […]

  • Day 15 – Charger Basketball

      Tonight I took photos for both the men and women Charger Basketball teams. I caught a nice shot of this foul. The lighting in the sports complex is not optimal, so I had to shoot on 1600 ISO and f/2.8 to get enough light, so I apologize for the graininess. I need to invest […]

  • Day 14 – Disk Warrior

    Disk Warrior, produced by Alsoft, has saved me and hard drives that I have worked on multiple times. Corrupt catalogue on your drive?  Lost file directory data? Corrupt sectors on your startup disk? Disk does not mount? Disk Warrior will fix it. I keep my CD in my bag just incase something happens. You never […]

  • Day 13 – Reflections

      I took this photo two summers ago. The figure in the glasses is my great friend Sean Nelson. The warm summer sun shining on this picnic table is a big change from the cold, windy, snowy weather Hillsdale has been having the last few days. It is 3 degrees as I write this.   […]

  • Day 12 – Snowy Day at Hillsdale

    I hiked through the 12 inches of snow around campus today to take photos. View the full gallery.   Last night after I unpacked and caught up with some of my friends, I decided to ride with Matt Stone to Detroit to pick up our friend Adam Peterson at the airport. The roads were pretty […]