Month: November 2022

  • Week of November 21

    This was a week of rest, recovery, and hanging out. Of course, it was Thanksgiving, but I also took Tuesday off to compensate for working last Saturday. I made some bread, renewed my passport online, and caught up on some much-needed household admin work. For Thanksgiving, it was only the three of us this year, […]

  • Week of November 14

    Charlie has been showing more interest in stuffed animals recently and has been very affectionate toward them, giving them hugs and snuggling them. This week he started carrying around a stuffed sloth almost as large as he is. Some times when he gets home from daycare, Sloth is the first thing he picks up. Charlie […]

  • Week of November 7

    Charlie is getting better at making some animal sounds like “ruff ruff” and “moo.” It is adorable. We went to a friend’s house last weekend and Charlie discovered the magnets on their fridge and loved playing with them. We have some art magnets, but they are difficult for his little fingers to pull off the […]

  • WordPress 6.1 Sponsored Contributor Stats

    A month ago I wrote a post about stats for WP Core releases and received some good feedback on it. Some folks also pointed out that Jb Audras writes better general stats posts for releases than what I put together, and I agree! One thing that I found was missing from all other sources was stats on sponsored contributors, […]

  • Week of October 31

    The theme this week is connection. My first Automattic meetup, a rotating monthly donut toddler playdate, dinner with new neighbors, and family time.