Week of May 23

This was my last full week on paternity leave. I return to work next week. I snuggled Charlie as much as I could, including holding him for more naps instead of putting him in his crib like usual.

It was a bit of a stressful week for all of us in the Grimmett house, and we are all more tired than usual. But we got through it, got childcare lined up for when I go back to work, and we were able to take it easy on Saturday while it rained.

Charlie and I have our own “thing” now: Multiple times a day when he sees me he scrunches up his face and breathes heavily and loudly through his nose, then I do it back. It never fails to bring smiles ad giggles to both of our faces.

I had to go buy some tomato plants at a local greenhouse because the ones I started from seed just didn’t take off. The tomatillos and peppers did, but tomatoes did not 🤷‍♂️

So I got the tomatoes in the ground this week and set up the new watering system I wanted to try: Wick irrigation. 1/2 inch nylon braid wraps around the root balls and wicks water from a bucket. I’m still trying to decide whether I want to cover and bury the buckets or not. We’ll see how this coming week goes (a couple of 90F+ days).

The peonies bloomed this week, so we cut a few and brought them inside. So nice to have flowers from our own garden on the mantle.

Amaranth, nasturtium, borage, calendula, both red and white potatoes, and dill are all doing great with all this rain and warm weather. I had to replant the peas because the original ones never came up. I went with the Swiss Giant Snow Pea variety.

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I’ve been on a mission to eat more beans recently, so I’ve been trying out new recipes. This week I made Enfrijoladas with some delicious Rancho Gordo Rio Zape beans. The recipe only uses 1/2 pound, so we are definitely making this again. It was delicious!

I changed the SIM cards on our phones this week. Believe it or not, this is the first time I’ve ever changed a SIM in the 16 years of having a cell phone.

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