Month: October 2018

  • How I Approach Social Media

    On a recent episode of Office Hours, a listener asked about the purpose of social media. Isaac and TK recommended taking a pragmatic approach. Here is my take on what that looks like. Bonus: The blogs I read, newsletters I subscribe to, podcasts I listen to, and magazines I read.

  • What work/life balance means to me

    I have a certain capacity for creative output. That level may increase or decrease over time, but it stays relatively constant day-to-day. You can think of this capacity as tokens that I have available to spend each day. I can either spend these tokens at my full-time job, at a side gig, or on a […]

    What work/life balance means to me
  • On Creative Blocks

    Creative people commonly lament about being “blocked,” perpetually stuck and unable to produce work when necessary. Blocks spring from the imbalanced relationship of How and Why: either we have an idea, but lack the skills to execute; or we have skills, but lack a message, idea, or purpose for the work. The most despised and […]

  • Jerry Saltz on The Longform Podcast

    Podcast: Notes: This was a breath of fresh air for me. Saltz didn’t start writing until he was in his 40s. Now he is one of NYC’s top art critics, if not one of the world’s top art critics. Saltz’s thoughts on being nice to gallery staff, always signing the book, and the need for […]

  • Notes on Office Hours: Debate and Unmotivated Friends

    1: The Value of Debate, Is Self-Improvement Overrated, and Dealing with Haters Notes: The question: Is debate valuable? I side with TK here on the value of debate. Most debates suck, but there is some value in the format if done well. The Sam Harris/Jordan Peterson debate is a great example of this. There were […]

  • Series are eclipsing movies

    Cameron Sorsby asked the Praxis staff today what our top 3-5 favorite movies are, off the top of our heads. I came up with 3 easily, but none were recent. Then I realized that no movie I’ve watched for the first time in the last four years is memorable. Series are getting so much better […]

  • Not Unreasonable Podcast interview with Tyler Cowen

    Podcast: Notes I enjoyed hearing Tyler Cowen speak about his new book from Stripe Press, Stubborn Attachments, which I preordered a while back. I admire Cowen aligning his actions to his beliefs and optimizing his life with things that bring him joy, including constant learning. The number of times they used the word “Straussian” […]

  • Legends & Losers 212: Mike Maples, Jr.

    Podcast: Notes: Networks need rules from the beginning. Imposing after (like Twitter) is a mess. You need a sense of purpose other than growth, or else you’ll build things that addict people. Addicted people without a sense of purpose lead to fake news, spam, and vitriol. We do have an inequality issue in the world […]