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  • Week of November 21

    This was a week of rest, recovery, and hanging out. Of course, it was Thanksgiving, but I also took Tuesday off to compensate for working last Saturday. I made some bread, renewed my passport online, and caught up on some much-needed household admin work. For Thanksgiving, it was only the three of us this year, […]

  • Week of November 14

    Charlie has been showing more interest in stuffed animals recently and has been very affectionate toward them, giving them hugs and snuggling them. This week he started carrying around a stuffed sloth almost as large as he is. Some times when he gets home from daycare, Sloth is the first thing he picks up. Charlie […]

  • Week of November 7

    Charlie is getting better at making some animal sounds like “ruff ruff” and “moo.” It is adorable. We went to a friend’s house last weekend and Charlie discovered the magnets on their fridge and loved playing with them. We have some art magnets, but they are difficult for his little fingers to pull off the […]

  • Week of October 31

    The theme this week is connection. My first Automattic meetup, a rotating monthly donut toddler playdate, dinner with new neighbors, and family time.

  • Week of October 24

    Charlie sounded out some new words this week: Amanda put a stool by the front window so Charlie could climb up on it and look out. It has been a huge hit and he stands on it multiple times a day. We had one of Charlie’s daycare friends and his parents over on Saturday and […]

  • Week of October 17

    We spent the past week in the Lake Placid/High Peaks region of the Adirondacks. Unfortunately Charlie was sick most of the time which put a damper on things, but we made the best of what little time (and sleep) we had. Lots of reading and snuggling Charlie (I read a bunch of essays from The […]

  • Week of October 10

    Charlie Charlie is getting really close to one nap territory now. When he has two naps it is very difficult to get him down at night, but he falls asleep pretty quickly at night when he only has one nap. I guess the trick is to get the timing of that one nap right so […]

  • Week of October 3

    Tough week. Charlie got a stomach bug on Tuesday and was up all night vomiting, so we kept him home Wednesday and Amanda missed a work trip. By Thursday morning Charlie was fine, but Amanda and I came down with what we assume is the same bug and were vomiting all afternoon and early evening. […]

  • Week of September 26

    It is chilly outside, Charlie is showing more of his own personality and interests every day, and lots happening in my corner of the WordPress world this week. Table of contents: Charlie Home & Garden Tomatillos were doing well at the beginning of the week, but the cold weather pretty much killed the plants, so […]

  • Week of September 19

    My thirty-third weekly post! A good week at work, some autumnal fare, a sick baby, planning ahead,and some WordPress data exploration. Charlie Charlie surprised us this week! We played a children’s song playlist on Spotify and he started doing hand motions to some of the songs. We had no idea they were doing that at […]

  • Week of September 12

    Charlie Charlie has been very sweet this week. Some things that come to mind from this week: Food & Drink A couple things worth sharing from this week in cooking: Sean Nelson reminded me it was Negroni Week this week, so I made a Kingston Negroni, which essentially swaps the gin out for Smith & […]

    Week of September 12
  • Week of September 5

    When we pick him up from daycare, Charlie has been signaling to be picked up, then he hugs us and gives us a kiss on the cheek. It is so sweet 🥰 Charlie is Mr. Independent right now. Except when he crawls or walks underneath something and gets stuck, then he appreciates Mom and Dad […]

  • Week of August 29

    Charlie is officially a toddler now. He took his first unassisted steps Sunday, August 28, and by Thursday he was wandering all around the house on his own. It is so fun to see how proud he is when he figures out a new skill. He also has crawling up the stairs and climbing furniture […]

  • Weeks of August 15 and 22

    I skipped a week because I was traveling for work. I was in San Francisco for a team meetup. We spent some time working at Automattic’s SF office, explored the city, ate some great food, visited bookstores, and hit a few tiki bars. Some highlights: Catching up with old friends in Walnut Creek Tea leaf […]

  • Week of August 8

    Charlie’s new skills, cooler weather, cooking outside, planting for autumn, aging kindly, reading suggestions, digital garden updates, and project ideas.

  • Weeks of July 25 & August 1

    I didn’t write a post last week, so I’m doing a double post this week. I had a 26 week streak, but I knew I’d miss one eventually. Trying out the newish Table of Contents block in this post! Charlie Charlie turned one this past week. It is incredible to think about how much he […]

  • Week of July 18

    We went to a cookout at our friends’ place on Friday and figured that Charlie would get sleepy around 8pm and we would head home then. 8pm came and went, and Charlie was still the life of the party, playing with three dogs and crawling around to everyone there, so we decided to see how […]

  • Week of July 11

    Charlie has been very active this week, crawling and exploring as much as he can. He is fast! So curious, too. One of our goals is to keep fostering that natural curiosity as much as we can. I brush his hair every morning before daycare and he started grabbing the brush and trying to brush […]

  • Week of July 4

    A week of trying to get back to normal after Charlie and I were sick last week. Lots of playing catch up, but I’m glad to report that Charlie went back to daycare and Amanda and I got back on normal work schedules. A couple things I’ve been trying to get back to doing each […]

  • Week of June 27

    Charlie’s illness ended up getting worse early this week, despite looking like it was clearing up over last weekend, so it was another week of keeping a sick baby home from daycare while we tried to work. The doctor said that the poor guy had a double ear infection. Then I caught whatever caused his […]