Month: August 2008

  • Hillsdale – First Impressions

    I moved into my room on Thursday, August 21. I only had a chance to drop off my stuff and then I had to take off and go to a camp about ten minutes down the road for the Honors Program annual fall retreat.   I spent Thursday-Saturday at a retreat with the Honors program, […]

  • Leaving for College

    Governments do not “Create Jobs” – An excellent article from Isaac Morehouse over at the Mises Institute. Read it.   On another note, I am leaving for Hillsdale on Thursday, August 21. I have been packing for the past few days. I will be with the Honors program camping at Camp Michindoh until Sunday morning. Then […]

  • 2008 AAPT Physics Photo Contest

    I was just notified that I won second place in the Contrived category in the 2008 AAPT Physics Photo Contest!   For the contest, physics students from around the world were challenged to submit a photo, either natural or contrived, illustrating a physics concept. The students were required to take the photo themselves and to […]