Why I Set Personal Deadlines

We all understand the importance of setting deadlines at work. Everything revolves around intentionally set deadlines and there are consequences if they aren’t met. Deadlines are a useful tool at work to keep progress moving forward. If there were no deadlines and no consequences for missing them, how many projects would realistically get done?

Get the Most out of Your Kindle with These 4 Tools

Take screenshots, get reading statistics, export your highlights, and remove the ads from your Kindle 1. Screenshots Did you know that you can take screenshots on most recent Kindles? This is useful for quickly sharing a passage, showing an editor or developer a display issue, and sharing tips in an article like this one. To take … Continue reading Get the Most out of Your Kindle with These 4 Tools

The Afternoon Check-in

Two and a half months ago I started asking myself two simple questions every afternoon and I’ve seen a clear improvement in my mood as a direct result. Don’t take your mood as a given. You are in control and can take actions to improve it.