Pull requests, scraping Reddit, and flexbox quirks

Today I learned:

How to contribute to an open-source project on Github

  1. Fork a project
  2. Make the changes, commit, and push back up to Github.
  3. Go to the repo on Github you want to propose a change to.
  4. On the page: Choose your branch. Compare and review. Create pull request.

Pulling Reddit data with Python

  • Connect to Reddit and grab data with PRAW
  • Store the retreived information in a MySQL database with PyMySQL

The above two items came together in one learning experience. I helped Seth Millerd debug a Python script he was working on (with considerable help from Eric Davis!). It is the first public repo I’ve contributed to, and the first time I’ve made a pull request. We use git at work, but we use a shared repo model instead of the fork & pull model.

Image scaling quirks with flexbox

All about flexbox (CSS)

Eric Davis and I ran into a strange CSS issue where an image was scaling in a funky way when we resized the browser. The height was staying fixed while the width was changing, but there was nothing in the CSS setting a specific height.

It turns out that one of the parent

s had display: flex; flex-direction: column; specified for layout order purposes, and when we turned that off the problem went away. So then we went searching and the quick-and-dirty fix is wrapping the image in a vanilla

. That is working for us for now, but I want to read through the W3 docs and see if there is something bigger we are missing or if this is a known bug.

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