Month: October 2022

  • Week of October 24

    Charlie sounded out some new words this week: Amanda put a stool by the front window so Charlie could climb up on it and look out. It has been a huge hit and he stands on it multiple times a day. We had one of Charlie’s daycare friends and his parents over on Saturday and […]

  • Week of October 17

    We spent the past week in the Lake Placid/High Peaks region of the Adirondacks. Unfortunately Charlie was sick most of the time which put a damper on things, but we made the best of what little time (and sleep) we had. Lots of reading and snuggling Charlie (I read a bunch of essays from The […]

  • Week of October 10

    Charlie Charlie is getting really close to one nap territory now. When he has two naps it is very difficult to get him down at night, but he falls asleep pretty quickly at night when he only has one nap. I guess the trick is to get the timing of that one nap right so […]

  • How to determine if a site uses Cloudflare cache with curl

    Why would you want to know if a site is using Cloudflare cache? If you are debugging or responding to an incident, it is easy to forget that Cloudflare might be caching a site and it will hamper your efforts. Since most hosts cache, you’ll be dealing with a host/CDN cache, Cloudflare cache, and local […]

  • Week of October 3

    Tough week. Charlie got a stomach bug on Tuesday and was up all night vomiting, so we kept him home Wednesday and Amanda missed a work trip. By Thursday morning Charlie was fine, but Amanda and I came down with what we assume is the same bug and were vomiting all afternoon and early evening. […]

  • Week of September 26

    It is chilly outside, Charlie is showing more of his own personality and interests every day, and lots happening in my corner of the WordPress world this week. Table of contents: Charlie Home & Garden Tomatillos were doing well at the beginning of the week, but the cold weather pretty much killed the plants, so […]