Adding Homebrew MySQL Service to your PATH

If you install mysql via Homebrew ($ brew install mysql) and start it via Homebrew services ($ brew services start mysql), chances are that you’ll see an error when trying run mysql -u root on the command line.

If that error is command not found: mysql, the issue is likely that you need to add the Homebrew mysql directory to your PATH.

On my machine, Homebrew installed mysql here:


To add this to your PATH, add this to your .bash_profile (or .zhsrc if you use ZSH):

export PATH=/usr/local/Cellar/mysql@5.7/5.7.25/bin:$PATH 

Then, reload your shell and type mysql -u root to confirm all is working.

You can quit the mysql CLI via mysql> q

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  2. acidcode Avatar

    my terminal is ZSH.

    Your post have a issue on .zshrc file name.

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