Day 113 – Overexposure

I took this shot for an art class last year in high school. I was dealing with ways of using overexposure and underexposure, and I liked the way the color faded in from the white. Click the photo to view it large.

Day 112 – Earth Day

I took this photo somewhere in the Bighorn Mountains a few years ago. To celebrate Earth Day, the Foundation for Economic Education posted these articles, which anyone who cares about the environment should consider reading: Articles “Controlling Pollution,” by Hans Sennholz “Saving the Environment for a Profit,” Victorian-Style, by Pierre Desrochers “Chemical Hysteria and Environmental … Continue reading Day 112 – Earth Day

Day 109 – Charger Baseball

Click the photo to view it large. I am glad that the spring sports (baseball and outdoor track) are here, not because I enjoy watching them, but because I love taking photos of outdoor sports! Above is a shot of the Hillsdale Charger Baseball team taking on Saginaw Valley State on Saturday.