Month: October 2017

  • Fixing “Media kit reports not enough space on device” error in Disk Utility

    I got this error today when trying to partition a Western Digital My Passport 4TB: Volume erase failed: Media kit reports not enough space on device Nothing I could do inside Disk Utility worked. Thanks to some kind soul on Reddit, here is how I solved the issue from the command line: $ diskutil list […]

  • Get Back On Track

    Sometimes I get off track. This is what I need to do to get back on track: Turn off social media. Remove apps from phone, turn on the 1Blocker (iPad and iPhone) and WasteNoTime (Mac) rules. Wash your face. Drink a full glass of water and eat a healthy snack if you need one. Get […]

  • Venkatesh Rao on Big Data, Machine Learning, and Blockchains

    Venkatesh Rao had a good take on the big data/machine learning/blockchain mania in Breaking Smart a few weeks ago: Many people, database experts among them, dismiss Big Data as a fad that’s already come and gone, and argue that it was a meaningless term, and that relational databases can do everything NoSQL databases can. That’s […]

  • Sometimes you have to stop what you are doing and climb out on the roof to take a #ManhattanSkyline photo because the sunset is so beautiful. #nofilter

  • Video: How Panobook is Made

    Studio Neat put together a cool video showing how the Panobook is made. I preordered three Panobooks and can’t wait for them to arrive. Studio Neat makes some of my favorite products: Neat Ice Kit, Highball, and the Glif. I love the way they document their work through videos like this, their weekly newsletter, and their podcast, […]

  • Inhibiting Email Tracking

    A lot of email services track you by putting a tiny transparent image in your email and logging when you load it. You can prevent this by turning off autoloading of remote images in your favorite email app’s settings. If your app doesn’t have that setting, consider switching. I’m currently using Airmail across all of […]

  • Quick iPad Sketches

    One evening last week I had the idea to draw some quick sketches to illustrate some concepts in the Praxis curriculum. I used my iPad, Apple Pencil, Procreate, Paper by 53, and Pixelmator.

  • A quick vacation sketch a few weeks ago at a diner after seeing many buoys along the Maine coast.

  • New Wes Anderson Trailer: Isle of Dogs

    Wes Anderson and his team are so good. Their attention to detail is extraordinary. Every single one of the dogs in this animation have a deep level of emotion and personality. I’m looking forward to seeing this in theaters next year.

  • EYES by Lucas Zanotto

    This is a super cool short film documenting a series of art installations by Lucas Zanotto. Simple colors, shapes, and movements can convey so much emotion and character.

  • My Inbox Clearing Method

    Like many, I’m all about that Inbox Zero life. I’m not going to preach here about it. You’ve heard enough of that elsewhere. I’m going to show you how I get it done. Winning Before Starting I like to set myself up for success whenever possible. What that looks like here is severely limiting the […]