Month: April 2022

  • Why blog?

    My friend Garrett Robinson asked me on Twitter, “What do you see as the advantages of blogging?”. Naturally I had to reply with a blog post. I see two main advantages of blogging, both with secondary advantages: Having your own place on the web to keep a log of your thoughts, musings, opinions, trials, and […]

  • Week of April 18

    New sprouts in the garden: Radishes, borage, calendula, bee balm, and more poppies. In the yard, wild violets are popping up and the forsythia and rhododendron look great. Black-eyed Susan volunteers came up all along the fence, self-seeded from the neighbor’s flowerbed on the other side. I’m going to leave them and weed around them. […]

  • Week of April 11

    Our radishes sprouted! We discovered that Charlie really likes oranges. He also discovered how to pull himself up to standing this week! I started a new batch of orange bitters, trying to improve upon the first batch I made a few years ago: Doubled the amount of orange peel Added more bitter botanicals (wild cherry […]

  • Week of April 4

    Our indoor seedlings are doing great and Charlie and I got out in the garden on Friday to direct sow some seeds: French breakfast radishes, peas, slo-bolt cilantro, borage, calendula, black eyed susans, hibiscus, moon flowers, and a pollinator wildflower mix. This year I’m planning on succession planting things like radishes, cilantro, and basil so […]

  • Week of March 28

    So, it is Saturday morning and I haven’t written a thing for this week’s update. I usually collect notes in a draft throughout the week, but not this week. Thankfully Charlie’s naps have been longer and I should have time to knock something out. Fingers crossed that this past week was the last 20F cold […]