Code-based art

Pattern plus plus

In January 2022 I minted a generative token on fx(hash) called Pattern plus plus. It is an exploration of what happens when you overlap the same pattern an increasing number of times.

Pattern plus plus contains 3 base layouts, 16 custom patterns, smooth gradients, and some fun special features.

Written in p5.js.

Check out the project on fx(hash).

Genuary 2022

I participated in Genuary 2022. I was only able to complete 13 of the days due to travel, infant care, and work, but I learned a lot of new techniques creating the pieces. It is mostly written in p5.js, with a few written in d3.js.


In December 2021 I minted a generative token on fx(hash) called Imbri-shape.

Imbri-shape is an exploration of how overlapping patterns create other patterns. Imbri-shape has:

  • 8 color palette options
  • 20 custom base pattern options with random variations
  • 6 stroke width options
  • 4 shape options
  • 3, 4, 5, or 6 pattern-filled shapes

This project uses p5.js and Sayama’s p5.pattern library to fill the shapes with my custom patterns.

Check out the project on fx(hash).

Sol LeWitt in D3.js

In 2016 I recreated some of Sol LeWitt’s wall drawings with D3.js. Wherever it made sense, I included randomization and transitions.

See more at and write-ups in the Sol LeWitt category on my blog.

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