Month: February 2022

  • Migrate your Etsy Shop to your own website

    Etsy recently hit sellers with a 30% fee increase on sales, not including the processing fees, listing fees, platform store fee, and marketing fees (opt-in) they charge. They are taking quite a cut from indie sellers! They do provide a nice service and a built-in community. But indie sellers that have their own social following […]

  • Thirty-two

    I turn 32 today, and since I’m blogging more, I’d like to kick off a tradition of writing birthday posts, a la This past year was incredibly challenging, both at home and at work. With the stress of the pregnancy, a difficult period at work, and the uncertainty of the changing pandemic situation, the […]

  • Week of Feb 21

    Small seasons update: The beginnings of crocuses started popping up in the front flowerbeds, trees are starting to bud out, and taps are in the sugar maple trees. Thanks to a reminder on Instagram from my friend Erin Carlson, I sowed poppy seeds during nap time this week. Hungarian Blue Breadseed and Icelandic Grey poppies. […]

  • Week of Feb 14

    Last week I posted about writing descriptions of the small seasons in the lower Hudson Valley. I now have a page going for that with two entries. You can find that over at Ice melts, daffodils start to pop out of the ground. Stink bugs wake up. Small Seasons of the Lower Hudson Valley […]

  • Understanding Conversations with Tyler

    I’m catching up on podcasts I’ve missed from the past few months. In the Conversations with Tyler 2021 Retrospective, producer Jeff Holmes challenged long-time listeners to put together a guide to understanding the podcast for new listeners. CWT is one of my favorite podcasts and one of only three podcasts that I’ve attended a live […]

  • Week of Feb 7

    It is warm enough again to take Charlie on daily walks in the woods, which I’m excited about. I’m glad to be able to introduce him to nature early. We saw a couple of robins this week. Apparently not all robins migrate, but I haven’t seen others this winter, so I’m taking this sighting as […]

  • Week of Jan 31

    Thoughts Charlie turned six months this week! He is growing so quickly and gaining a lot of core strength and coordination. I bet he’ll be crawling in the next month. Public education suffers from many things, chief amongst them is the complete lack of autonomy most students face for the majority of their childhood. The […]