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Last Updated 2023-06-26

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  1. What an amazing list! Honored to be included.

  2. I’m notoriously bad at walking through a room without stubbing my toe or hitting some flailing body part on the side of a door jam while slowly walking around the house. It can be absurd, really.

    But toys scattered about the living room! It’s like my feet have magic sonar and I skate cleanly around them.

    Until I said this all out loud to Michelle earlier this week.

    I then promptly placed my kneecap directly—ow, ow, ow, ow, ow—onto the small pointy handle of a wooden puzzle piece laying in the middle of the floor. Shortly after I stepped on a small plastic letter.


    This week we taught A “whoa!”

    He’s now set the record for number of times a person has said “whoa!” in a row.

    Thursday night A started spinning around in circles on his chest on the wood floor, laughing and laughing.

    Oh my, we’re in for it.

    I learned this week that soccer is not an Americanism.

    We had our first shovel of the season on Monday. A very light introduction that didn’t take too long.

    It got much heavier on Thursday—very wet and annoying—and my normally positive attitude around snow removal was nowhere to be found.

    I was able to combine that irritation with inspiration from a tow plow video I had seen earlier that day and used two shovels at once to clear a larger path. It was sloppy, but it worked enough for that night.

    Chuck publishing his blogroll is the kick in the pants I needed to get my own published.

    I cancelled my Feedly Pro subscription last month and have been in the process of switching to NetNewsWire on my laptop. I’m now filtering through the feeds to put together the list of things that belong on a blogroll as part of my pre-solstice digital cleaning.

    Next I need to find a client that syncs with NetNewsWire for my phone (there are plenty of options), though I’ve also been pondering what a home grown feed reader looks like.

    Jan Boddez hasn’t helped with his recent notes about WordPress as a feed reader. SimplePie (and Magpie before it) is there for a reason!

    All to say: blogroll coming soon.

    The release of was a lot of fun this week. I now have a lot of links to click on.

    Its creator, Phil Gyford, is one of my favorite follows. He writes an excellent weekly note and I first ran into his stuff when he built the Today’s Paper interface for The Guardian, which I still think of as the best interface I’ve seen online for reading a newspaper.

    It’s been this interface for over a decade I think? And it holds up so well.

    I made pepparkakor (ginger snaps, Swedish) on Sunday and they came out nicely.

    I think the recipe made ~70 cookies. I think there are ~7 left.

    I’ll post the recipe soon because I want to start tracking iterations as I try to perfect the crisp and kick.

    It’s December, we’re almost there. Happy weekend. 🥃

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