How to Pre-fill Google Forms

Did you know that you can pre-fill Google Forms based on a URL? Did you also know that if you have a basic example you can automate it with a database and send personalized forms?

General Instructions

  1. On your form, click the vertical ellipses in the upper right corner to reveal the menu.
  2. Click “Get pre-filled link” Get pre-filled link
  3. This shoots you over to a page where you can fill in the fields you want pre-filled and it will generate a URL for you. Copy this. If you want the link you send out to everyone to have the same pre-filled info, your work is done. Send the link out!

How you might automate it

Here is my example form.Once I went through the above steps to get a pre-filled link, here is what I got:,+Albuquerque,+NM+87114&entry.1166974658=281-330-8004&entry.839337160=This+is+so+useful!

The stuff we are looking for is between the “=” and “&” signs:,+Albuquerque,+NM+87114&entry.1166974658=281-330-8004&entry.839337160=This+is+so+useful!

As you can see, those are the items I filled in on my own. How might one automate this, then? Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Using handlebars or Liquid, fill them in with the appropriate expressions and use the appropriate objects to fill them in:{{name}}&entry.1045781291={{email}}&entry.1065046570={{address}}&entry.1166974658={{phone}}&entry.839337160={{comments}}
  2. Using PHP, you might assign variables for these items and fill them in from your database with a select statement:$name&entry.1045781291=$email&entry.1065046570=$address&entry.1166974658=$phone&entry.839337160=$comments
  3. On Mailchimp, you’d have to use Merge Tags:*|name|*&entry.1045781291=*|email|*&entry.1065046570=*|address|*&entry.1166974658=*|phone|*&entry.839337160=*|comments|*

Note: Make sure you are URL encoding things with weird characters and spaces like an address. Example: 308+Negra+Arroyo+Lane,+Albuquerque,+NM+87114 vs 308 Negra Arroyo Lane, Albuquerque, NM 87114

Completion of the code in 1, 2, and 3 is an instruction left to the reader. I’m assuming that if you want to do something like generate thousands of personalized URLs to a form, you probably already have a database and know how to use it. I hope this guides you in the right direction! Email me if you want some help.

7 responses to “How to Pre-fill Google Forms”

  1. I am prepopulating from an Excel spreadsheet. The prepopulate fields are more than 256 characters. Any way to get around that?

  2. Thank you for responding.
    I prepopulate 5 fields of street addresses and the last address gets trunked when the number of characters exceed 256.

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