Category: Miscellaneous

  • Layout Issues

    I was just informed that I have a few layout issues in IE and Firefox. I am going to continue to try and fix them. The layout is supposed to look like this:  (click the image) If the layout does not look the same on your computer, please take a screenshot and email it to […]

  • Fusionman

    Yes, that is actually a person flying through the Swiss Alps. He calls himself Fusionman. He is the first man ever to successfully fly with wings, powered by four engines on his back. Click on the photo to view more photos from Reuters.

  • O brave new (blog), That has such (posts) in it!

    Okay, okay, so it does not exactly match that famous line from The Tempest, but you get the idea. Yes, this is the new blog. And yes, it actually works and will be updated, unlike the old one. This blog fulfills two things: First, my site needed a facelift. Second, I wanted a place to […]