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  • Doing a Digital Declutter

    I’m doing a digital declutter for 30 days to cut out distractions and get my focus and creativity back. And along the way, my happiness.

    Doing a Digital Declutter
  • Get Back On Track

    Sometimes I get off track. This is what I need to do to get back on track: Turn off social media. Remove apps from phone, turn on the 1Blocker (iPad and iPhone) and WasteNoTime (Mac) rules. Wash your face. Drink a full glass of water and eat a healthy snack if you need one. Get […]

  • Putting Daily Drawing On Hold

    I’m putting my daily drawing exercises on hold. They tax me more than I want in terms of both time and mental focus. Instead of a fun creative exercise, pushing through these at the end of long work days ends each day on a low note. I made decent progress in the past three weeks, […]

  • The NYTimes Magazine’s set of graphic stories (read: comics) they published last week are fantastic. Check them out:

  • A Reminder to Meditate

    Reminder for myself: Meditation is good. Every time I do it I feel better afterward. Doing it continually leads to longer periods of contentment and focus. I tend to not want to meditate when I’m having a tough time because it is easier to complain and shut down than it is to clear my mind […]

  • Working outside this morning and enjoying a bowl of Cult’s Blood Red Moon from this month’s Tin Society box.  

  • There is no right time to quit a job, have kids, or start something new. If you want something, you have to take the first step immediately and figure things out along the way. The right time will never come. Jump now.

  • Big Wins: Audiobooks

    This is the first post of a series that will focus on improvements I’ve made in my life that have led to advances in my productivity, effectiveness, or general well-being. I call these things big wins. — Back in high school, I remember a few people recommended that I listen to audiobooks. I tried, but […]

  • Giving to beggars: My policy, reasons, and recent outcomes

    I have a policy when it comes to giving to people who come up to me in the street and ask for money to buy food or some basic necessity: I tell them that I do not carry cash (this is the truth, I do not carry cash), then offer to purchase for them what […]

  • I am Engaged!

    On December 24, 2011, at around 12:45 a.m., Amanda Kate Rubino and I got engaged. Check out Amanda’s blog, The Ring Diaries, to see the ring and for more info.

  • Summer Job

    This summer I had an internship with the Foundation for Economic Education. I was based out of Atlanta where I worked with the Programs branch of the organization. We did a total of 7 week-long seminars in 3 cities (Atlanta, Estes Park, CO, and Irvington, NY) with over 600 students in attendance during the 2010 […]

  • Ozone Falls

    On Friday morning, I started my trip down to Atlanta for my summer internship with the Foundation for Economic Education. I got to my grandparents’ house in Kingston, Tennessee in the early evening and stayed with them for two nights. I had a nice time staying with them, and they took me to a few […]

  • Spring Break Part 4 of 4 – Nice

    The last city I stayed in was Nice, a beautiful city in the on the French Riviera in south-eastern France. It is such a gorgeous place! David and I took an overnight train from Bordeaux and arrived around 8:30 in the morning. The train was an experience… we stayed in a couchette car with four […]

  • Spring Break Part 3 of 4 – Bordeaux

    Finally, after a stressful week, I have a few hours before I have to start studying for finals. Here are my photos from Bordeaux, where I spent the most time. There I did lots of things like exploring alone, spending a day in a French high school (not pictured), and going to a small funeral […]

  • Spring Break Part 2 of 4 – Arcachon

    After my short stay in Paris, I took a train a few hours south to Bordeaux, where my friend David lives. After a short nap at David’s apartment, we immediately went to the town of Arcachon, a small but beautiful place on the Atlantic (well, technically on Arcachon Bay, but we could see where the […]

  • Spring Break Part 1 of 4 – Paris

    I am finally getting around to posting some of my spring break photos from France! I won’t write the story of my trip on here… I would much prefer to tell you in person, so call me and ask me to hang out! (Or if you are too far away to do that, call me […]

  • March Madness

    Sorry basketball fans. This blog post is talking about the March madness of Hillsdale and my life. Complete with photos! First off, the weather has been crazy here. It has gone from the teens to the upper sixties in temperature, and everywhere from snow to rain to sunshine. Here are a few photos of the […]

  • Update on My Life

    Wow, it has been over a month since I last updated! It was so relaxing to not have to come up with a post every day that I came up with no posts at all. For those of you who used this blog as a window into my life, rest assured after you read this. […]

  • Day 364 – The Fireplace

    As I stood in front of the fireplace this evening, I realized that I don’t remember a time when my family has not had one. Both of our houses have had one, and so has my grandmother’s house. It is so wonderful to come inside from a cold, snowy, windy day and warm up in […]