WordPress 6.1 Sponsored Contributor Stats

A month ago I wrote a post about stats for WP Core releases and received some good feedback on it. Some folks also pointed out that Jb Audras writes better general stats posts for releases than what I put together, and I agree!

One thing that I found was missing from all other sources was stats on sponsored contributors, so I’m starting to keep track of that here in this spreadsheet: 

I’m collecting:

  • Number of sponsored contributors
  • Breakdown of the companies they are being sponsored by
  • Breakdown of listed employers, sponsored or not

If anyone wants to help me backfill sponsorship stats for previous releases from data Jb Audras and the core release team pulls before each release, I’d be happy to collaborate!

Stats for 6.1

Total contributors: 798
Sponsored: 149
% sponsored: 18.7%

The top sponsoring companies:

  • Automattic sponsored 63 contributors (42.28%)
  • WPDeveloper sponsored 11 contributors (7.38%)
  • Yoast sponsored 8 contributors (5.37%)
  • GoDaddy sponsored 6 contributors (4.03%)
  • Awsm Innovations sponsored 6 contributors (4.03%)
  • XWP sponsored 5 contributors (3.36%)
  • Multidots sponsored 5 contributors (3.36%)
  • Extendify sponsored 5 contributors (3.36%)

3 responses to “WordPress 6.1 Sponsored Contributor Stats”

  1. thewpweekly Avatar

    WP Ecosystem… Chuck Grimmett has published WordPress 6.1 sponsored contributor stats which feature companies like Automattic, WPDeveloper, Yoast, GoDaddy, Awsm Innovations… cagrimmett.com/data-viz/2022/… via_WPWeekly_123 thewpweekly.com/issue-123/ #WordPress @cagrimmett

  2. M Asif Rahman Avatar

    From WPDeveloper, we had 16 contributors for 6.1.

    1. Chuck Grimmett Avatar

      Thanks for the heads up! Can you check out the spreadsheet in the post and see if all of the people from WPDeveloper have themselves marked as sponsored in their bios on profiles.WordPress.org? That is where I pulled the sponsored contributors from.

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