Month: September 2022

  • Week of September 19

    My thirty-third weekly post! A good week at work, some autumnal fare, a sick baby, planning ahead,and some WordPress data exploration. Charlie Charlie surprised us this week! We played a children’s song playlist on Spotify and he started doing hand motions to some of the songs. We had no idea they were doing that at […]

  • Some WordPress Core Contributor stats

    Data exploration around WordPress core contributors and the companies they work for.

  • Week of September 12

    Charlie Charlie has been very sweet this week. Some things that come to mind from this week: Food & Drink A couple things worth sharing from this week in cooking: Sean Nelson reminded me it was Negroni Week this week, so I made a Kingston Negroni, which essentially swaps the gin out for Smith & […]

    Week of September 12
  • Week of September 5

    When we pick him up from daycare, Charlie has been signaling to be picked up, then he hugs us and gives us a kiss on the cheek. It is so sweet 🥰 Charlie is Mr. Independent right now. Except when he crawls or walks underneath something and gets stuck, then he appreciates Mom and Dad […]

  • If a Visitor is There to See: WP-Cron and the Clock of the Long Now

    What do WP-Cron and the 10,000 Year Clock of the Long Now have in common? They both only tell time if someone is there to see them. Huh? Most clocks have a power source to keep their faces updated. But in a clock buried deep in a mountain, why waste energy updating the clock face […]

    If a Visitor is There to See: WP-Cron and the Clock of the Long Now
  • Week of August 29

    Charlie is officially a toddler now. He took his first unassisted steps Sunday, August 28, and by Thursday he was wandering all around the house on his own. It is so fun to see how proud he is when he figures out a new skill. He also has crawling up the stairs and climbing furniture […]