Month: June 2022

  • Week of June 20

    Two anniversaries this week: Amanda and I have been married for 9 years and this blog is 14 years old. Both anniversaries are actually on the same day! I’m incredibly thankful to have Amanda as my partner in life, though all of its ups and downs. I’m also Charlie started daycare this week and made […]

  • Week of June 13

    It was a long, tiring week. Despite that, I’m feeling really thankful and lucky this week. Both Amanda and I have good jobs. We have a sweet, curious little boy. It is my first Father’s Day as a father. Spending the day going for a long family walk, holding Charlie while he naps, and hanging […]

  • Week of June 6

    As I write this on Sunday morning, Charlie is napping on me. I’m sitting in that one Ikea chair everyone seems to have, Charlie’s head is on my shoulder, he is wrapped up in a blanket, and my laptop is perched on a pillow on my lap. Some sweet Charlie vignettes from this week: Having […]

  • Week of May 30

    Transitions are hard. I went back to work this week after four months of parental leave. The hardest parts were Charlie crying when I had to hand him over to the nanny and go to work and watching him play through my office door but needing to work instead of hanging out with him. I […]