Month: March 2010

  • March Madness

    Sorry basketball fans. This blog post is talking about the March madness of Hillsdale and my life. Complete with photos! First off, the weather has been crazy here. It has gone from the teens to the upper sixties in temperature, and everywhere from snow to rain to sunshine. Here are a few photos of the […]


    A few photos from Hillsdale College’s CCA III: The New Deal, which went from Jan. 31- Feb. 3. Amity Shlaes: Bradley C.S. Watson: Dr. Burt Folsom, giving one of FDR’s famous gestures of dissatisfaction (ironically to FDR’s New Deal policies):

  • Answer to Logic Quiz

    Here is the answer to the logic quiz I posted a week and one day ago. The original statement took the form “If p, then q” where p: “the red car is broken” and q: “John drives the blue car.” The only statement in a)-g) which is equivalent to that is statement c, which is […]