Month: July 2009

  • Day 212 – Trout

    I took this photo outside the Castalia Fish Hatchery on the Cold Creek in Castalia, Ohio. The hatchery raises rainbow trout, and these guys are the ones that got out. They live freely outside of the hatchery where people like me can come and take photos of them. Click on the photo to view it […]

  • Day 211 – Put in Bay

    Today, Amanda and I spent the day at Put in Bay. (For those of you not from the Ohio area, Put in Bay is South Bass Island out on Lake Erie, off of the Sandusky/Catawba area.) After canceling because of rain twice, we finally had a beautiful day to go and hang out on the […]

  • Day 210 – Photos from Amherst

    On Tuesday, I went out and took some photos that will be part of the set of the local Amherst cable station. They told me they wanted photos that exemplified the uniqueness of Amherst, and they all have to be horizontal. Here are some of the photos I am submitting to the station:

  • Day 209 – Day in Huron and Surrounding Area

    Today, I spent the afternoon and early evening with David Wagner. We went all over the place–Huron, Sandusky, and Castalia. Here are a few photos from our adventures. As always, click on the photos to view them at a larger size:

  • Day 208 – Ohio / Tentative Schedule

    Here is a shot I took a few days ago. This sign was put up in front of my town’s city hall during the Ohio Bicentennial in 2003. The sign is commemorating my town’s heritage as the Sandstone Center of the World.

  • Day 207 – Trap Shooting

    Early afternoon today, I went and shot four rounds of trap to try out the choke tubes I just bought and to continue breaking in my over & under for the shotgunning course I am taking when I get to Hillsdale in a month. Here are a few shots my Dad took while I was […]

  • Day 206 – Night Portraits

    Tonight, I went out and took a few night portraits with my friends Shelby and Josh. Shelby was the model and her boyfriend Josh helped me with the lighting. Below are a few shots. Click on the photos to view them at a larger size:

  • Day 205 – Visit From Old Friends

    This evening, my Mom’s friend and her son from Seattle came to visit. They are in town for a wedding, so they stopped by for the evening. My Mom and Terry have been friends for 28 years. I first met her son (his name is also Chuck) in 1998 and again in 2000. He has […]

  • Day 204 – Major Photo Edit

    A few years ago, I did a major photo edit for a lady in my school district. The original 4×6 photo had 5 people in it, and she wanted the guy on the far left taken out, but there was a problem: the guy next to him had his arm around him. So, I spent […]

  • Day 203 – Black Eyed Susans

    I got a few comments on the Black Eyed Susans that were in the back ground of the photos in yesterday’s post, so here is a photo of them:

  • Day 202 – After the Rain

    A heavy rainstorm came through right after dinner. Luckily, it ended quickly and the sun came out, so I went outside to take pictures around my yard. Which one do you like best? I recommend you click on the photos to view them at a larger size:

  • Day 201 – Muffalettas

    Tonight, Amanda came over for dinner with my parents and me, and I made muffalettas! The sandwiches had capicola, salami, pepperoni, provolone, and a freshly-made olive tapenade. They were delicious!

  • Day 200

    At 4:00 today, I met a friend of mine at the Amherst Townhall to take some photos. He is in an intro photography class, and he needed to use a SLR for this week’s assignment. After he finished the assignment, I let him try out all of the different lenses I have. To show to […]

  • Day 199 – Quotes from YSC

    “My goal is to confuse you at a higher level about more important things.” – Dr. Wenzel “Road owners need to put 8 story high crosses in dangerous areas instead of ‘Go Slow’ or some nonsense like that.” – Walter Block “I say that is nonsense…nonsense on stilts!” – Walter Block “That is a good […]

  • Day 198 – Last Day of YSC

    Today was the last day of FEE’s YSC in Midland. I had a wonderful time this week! I met so many wonderful scholars and defenders of liberty here. Tomorrow, Brad and I are driving down to Hillsdale for a little while, then we are driving home. To all of you who are sick of photos […]

  • Day 197 – Privatizing Roads

    Today was another great day at FEE’s YSC. Among other things, Walter Block talked about privatizing roads, which he recently authored a book about. I also got to participate in a discussion over lunch with Block, Ben Powell, and some other students about the legitimacy of fractional reserve banking. I also went out to dinner […]

  • Day 196 – Third Day of YSC

    There were some wonderful lectures today, including an immigration talk from Ben Powell, in which he destroyed every argument brought up against open borders. Another highlight of my day today was that I spent some time having a discussion with Walter Block. Also, Brad and I went to an asian restaurant for dinner, and I […]

  • Day 195 – Young Scholars Colloquium

    I am having a wonderful time at the FEE Young Scholars Colloquium seminar at Northwood University. Here are some shots from today: Dr. Nikolai Wenzel, Hillsdale College Economics Professor: Ben Stafford, FEE’s Director of Programs: Princewill Njie, a guy I met from Cameroon: Dr. Sanford Ikeda, Purchase College Economics Professor: The Sloan Building at Northwood:

  • Day 194 – On My Way to Midland

    I am on my way to Midland, MI to Northwood University for FEE’s Young Scholars Colloquium. I will be back in Amherst on Saturday, July 18. This wonderful man, Dr. Birzer (pictured below) is speaking there tonight. (He was my history professor this last semester.) I am excited to see him! I took this photo […]

  • Day 193 – Softball All-Star Game

    I spent last Friday evening taking photos at an All-Star Girls Softball game (middle school/junior high league, I think) at the request of one of the parents. I gave my CF cards to someone who edited and printed the photos, so I just got them back today. Here are some of the photos: Tomorrow (Monday) […]