Category: Productivity

  • Logging completed tasks with Things and Alfred

    Here is how I keep track of what I do using Alfred and Things.

    Logging completed tasks with Things and Alfred
  • Productivity tip: Opening URLs from selected text all at once

    I wanted to share a trick I use to save me a ton of time: Opening multiple URLs from selected text in Safari tabs.

  • What work/life balance means to me

    I have a certain capacity for creative output. That level may increase or decrease over time, but it stays relatively constant day-to-day. You can think of this capacity as tokens that I have available to spend each day. I can either spend these tokens at my full-time job, at a side gig, or on a […]

    What work/life balance means to me
  • My Inbox Clearing Method

    Like many, I’m all about that Inbox Zero life. I’m not going to preach here about it. You’ve heard enough of that elsewhere. I’m going to show you how I get it done. Winning Before Starting I like to set myself up for success whenever possible. What that looks like here is severely limiting the […]

  • Using Walks, Drives, and Commutes For Work

    I used to think that walking, driving somewhere, and commuting were things that we fundamentally opposed to work. Complete downtime. Even using them to listen to podcasts isn’t working. It is a good use of the time, but it isn’t working. I now regularly go for walks throughout the workday and take time commuting between my house […]

  • Big Wins: Audiobooks

    This is the first post of a series that will focus on improvements I’ve made in my life that have led to advances in my productivity, effectiveness, or general well-being. I call these things big wins. — Back in high school, I remember a few people recommended that I listen to audiobooks. I tried, but […]