Category: Videos

  • Video: How Panobook is Made

    Studio Neat put together a cool video showing how the Panobook is made. I preordered three Panobooks and can’t wait for them to arrive. Studio Neat makes some of my favorite products: Neat Ice Kit, Highball, and the Glif. I love the way they document their work through videos like this, their weekly newsletter, and their podcast, […]

  • New Wes Anderson Trailer: Isle of Dogs

    Wes Anderson and his team are so good. Their attention to detail is extraordinary. Every single one of the dogs in this animation have a deep level of emotion and personality. I’m looking forward to seeing this in theaters next year.

  • EYES by Lucas Zanotto

    This is a super cool short film documenting a series of art installations by Lucas Zanotto. Simple colors, shapes, and movements can convey so much emotion and character.

  • How to clean up text pasted from Google Docs with Atom and Regular Expressions

    Have you ever pasted text from Google Docs onto your blog (WordPress or otherwise) and had to fix wacky formatting? Here is how to quickly strip out all those extra HTML tags using regular expressions with, a free text editor. Links: Atom, a free text editor available on Windows, Mac, and Linux: Regular […]