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  • Day 238 – Another Quarry Photo

    Here is another Amherst quarries photo. Click on the photo to view it at a larger size. I packed all of my stuff today for my return to Hillsdale. My friends Aaron and Jayme are staying at my house tonight and we are all driving up to Hillsdale in the morning. I am excited!

  • Day 236 – Amherst Quarries

    My home town of Amherst, Ohio, has numerous sandstone quarries. In fact, from the late 19th to the middle of the 20th century, Amherst was known as the Sandstone Center of the World. Now, only one or two of the quarries are still in operation. Here are a few shots of some of the beautiful, […]

  • Day 233 – Motivational Speaker / Pepsi Natural

    Motivational speaker and football champ Joel Penton spoke to the incoming freshman at Amherst High School today. Impulse buy of the day: Pepsi Natural. My Mom and I went to Target to pick up a few things, and I saw Pepsi Natural sitting on the shelf. I’ve heard of the Pepsi Throwback and the Mountain […]

  • Day 210 – Photos from Amherst

    On Tuesday, I went out and took some photos that will be part of the set of the local Amherst cable station. They told me they wanted photos that exemplified the uniqueness of Amherst, and they all have to be horizontal. Here are some of the photos I am submitting to the station:

  • Day 148 – Scenes Around Steele

    I spent part of the day taking photos around Steele High School. Here are a few shots of the Senior Steak Fry and some students in the TV studio:

  • Day 16 – Memory from High School

      This video is from the beginning of my senior  year in high school. My friends Tyler, Dylan, and I decided it would be fun to eat Kool-Aid powder and record it. All three of us had a free two hour block where we hung out in Mrs. Opel’s room and were for the most […]

  • Day 10 – Snowstorm

      The large snowstorm that hit the midwest and northeast dumped 10 inches on Amherst, Ohio from 1 p.m. on Friday through 1 p.m. on Saturday (when that photo was taken) and the snow continues to fall. I measured at multiple points in the backyard and found an average of 10 inches everywhere.    I […]

  • Day 8 – Vibram FiveFingers

    Today I decided to order these awesome shoes made by Vibram. In addition to looking cool, these unique shoes provide health benefits, including improved balance, stronger foot muscles, and reduced back pain. They have a neoprene body and rubber sole; and yes, they have individual toes.  Check out Vibram’s seven reasons to wear their shoes. […]

  • Day 7 – Mom’s Birthday

      Today is my Mom’s birthday! Happy Birthday, Mom! (Most of you reading this are probably reading it on Thursday, Jan. 8. If so, my Mom’s birthday was yesterday, Jan. 7.)    I have very few pictures of just Mom, so I posted this photo of my parents that I took in December 2007 while […]