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  • Day 365 – Final Post

    Year two thousand and nine has been an exciting, grace-filled year full of adventures, lessons, and valuable time spent with family and friends. This post draws my modified Project 365 to a close. Posting every day this year has been a challenge and a lesson in discipline, to be sure. Sometimes the posts came after […]

  • Day 364 – The Fireplace

    As I stood in front of the fireplace this evening, I realized that I don’t remember a time when my family has not had one. Both of our houses have had one, and so has my grandmother’s house. It is so wonderful to come inside from a cold, snowy, windy day and warm up in […]

  • Day 362 – Snowy Hike

    Today, Amanda and I went for an afternoon hike in the snow at Schoepfle Gardens and the woods behind. It was snowing a lot, but we had fun. Here are some photos:

  • Day 361 – Train Depot

    It has been quite a while since I have done much of anything with long exposures, so my parents and I went down to the old train depot and took a few shots. I am getting rusty!

  • Day 360 – Answer To Calendar Question and Misc.

    This is my answer to the Friday the 13th calendar question my friend David posed to me on Monday: (I believe it happens when January starts on a Sunday or a Thursday, though I am not 100% on this.) It happened this year (2009). March and November, with February, March, and November having Friday the […]

  • Day 359 – Merry Christmas

    A few things to reflect upon today: “Therefore the Lord Himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call His name Immanuel.” (Isaiah 7:14) “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon His shoulder: and […]

  • Day 358 – My Little Cousin Evie

    Tonight we celebrated Christmas with my Mom’s side of the family. Here is a picture I took of my little cousin Evie:

  • Day 357 – Hummus

    As promised, I made hummus today. (Among other things, that is. I slept in, went out to lunch and shopping with Amanda, visited the Amherst Schools tech guys, ate dinner with my parents, made hummus, then wrapped presents with the help of my Dad.) My friend Dom came over to make hummus with me, as […]

  • Day 356 – Biscotti, Stir Fry, and Parfait

    After a routine checkup at the dentist this morning and a quick lunch with Dad, I went to Amanda’s house and helped her make three batches of cranberry pecan biscotti. I’ll admit, I was not much help besides mixing together dry ingredients, but it was nice to spend part of the afternoon with her, anyway. […]

  • Day 355 – Calendar Question

    I visited my friend David Wagner today, and we drove all around the Huron/Sandusky/Port Clinton area this afternoon. David just got home for Christmas from his teaching position on Bordeaux, France. I haven’t seen him since the beginning of September, so it was wonderful to spend all afternoon and evening with him. If everything goes […]

  • Day 354 – Shopping as a Discovery Process

    While I was out finishing my Christmas shopping on Saturday, I couldn’t help but think a little bit about economics. I know I am strange, but it is what I am majoring in and what I’ve been studying these past three semesters at Hillsdale, and I am not very successful at turning my mind off […]

  • Day 352 – Home for Christmas!

    Today was my last day of finals, and I finally got to come home! I am very excited to be home for a few weeks. When I got home, the house was beautifully decorated!

  • Day 350 – Studying, Studying, Studying

    Here is where I’ve been studying all night – a room in the math building. I pushed multiple desks together to make a table. My linear algebra exam is tomorrow morning. I am feeling a little better about it than I was yesterday. On the plus side, my two exams today went well, or at […]

  • Day 349 – I Wish I Was…

    …at home, looking out my back window at the snow-covered porch, yard, and trees. Then going to stand by the fireplace to warm up, then settling down on the couch to read a good book. Unfortunately, multiple finals stand in the way, and I am very worried about the Linear Algebra final. My stress level […]

  • Day 348 – Niedfeldt Christmas Party

    Saturday night the Niedfeldt dorm held its annual Christmas party with a new twist – this year it was combined with Coffeehouse, so there was live music! Here is my finals schedule: Tuesday: Macro 1pm Wednesday: Austrian Econ 8am and Understanding Music 1pm Thursday: Linear Algebra 10am Friday: Constitution 8am Also… if you break your […]

  • Day 347 – Link Conglomeration

    Legal Systems Very Different From Our Own – David Friedman (video) Contrasts in How Google Suggests Searches from Ben Casnocha Rationality Advice from Mathematician Terry Tao on Less Wrong Unintended Consequences of Environmentalism: LED Traffic Light Edition from Steve Horwitz Minister’s Tree House (HT: Steve Stay) Mountain Dew Throwback coming back again Dec. 28! Absolutely […]

  • Day 346 – Charger Basketball

    The Hillsdale men’s basketball team played their home opener today! They played a tough game, but unfortunately lost to Ferris State 78-67. Below: Sophomore Tyler Gerber goes for two. Click on the photo to enlarge it.

  • Day 345 – Last Day of Classes

    Today was the last day of classes. Thankfully, all of my papers are turned in now, so all I have to worry about is finals. I’ve really enjoyed this semester and all of the wonderful things that have happened. I am really looking forward to next semester’s classes. Now, onward to finals! (I will be […]

  • Day 344 – Be A Number

    “Senior Kevin Hershock keeps careful count of his T-shirts. As the president of Be A Number, every $20 shirt he sells has a twin that will become the property of an underprivileged child in America or a third world country.” Read the rest of the article. Oh, and all bagels I eat from now on […]