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  • How to determine if a site uses Cloudflare cache with curl

    Why would you want to know if a site is using Cloudflare cache? If you are debugging or responding to an incident, it is easy to forget that Cloudflare might be caching a site and it will hamper your efforts. Since most hosts cache, you’ll be dealing with a host/CDN cache, Cloudflare cache, and local […]

  • Setting up a New Mac from Scratch

    My trusty 2013 MacBook Pro died over the weekend. Here is everything I installed and configured on my new machine to get it up to speed.

    Setting up a New Mac from Scratch
  • Light temperature, Sleep, and F.lux

    I posted again over at The Primal Challenge today. Here is the post, in its entirety, below: I don’t know about you, but the “no glowing rectangles an hour before bed” rule is difficult for me. At Hillsdale I am usually so busy that I can’t avoid using my laptop before bed, lest work go […]

  • Day 244 – Snow Leopard

    Click on the photo to view it at a larger size: I installed Snow Leopard the day after it came out, since I was on a retreat in the middle of the woods when it was shipped. I can tell a major difference in how fast my computer processes and exports photos, and I like […]

  • Day 234 – Ashland / Palm Pre

    This morning/early afternoon, I went to Ashland with HankD and Jackie to go to Fin Feather Fir Outfitters. While in Ashland, we stopped at Ashland University, where Jackie went to college. Above is a photo of one of the buildings on campus. A note on my Palm Pre: I found out today that it is […]

  • Day 230 – Palm Pre

    I got a Palm Pre! I’ve only had it for a few hours, but I really like it. I will write an in-depth review in a few days, after I’ve had time to find the ins and out of it. For now, here is a low quality photo of it charging on the touchstone:

  • Day 218 – Google Voice

    My Google Voice account got activated! (If you do not know what a Google Voice account is, visit My number is: (440) 941-7247 Call, text, or leave me voicemails!

  • Day 204 – Major Photo Edit

    A few years ago, I did a major photo edit for a lady in my school district. The original 4×6 photo had 5 people in it, and she wanted the guy on the far left taken out, but there was a problem: the guy next to him had his arm around him. So, I spent […]

  • Day 188 – More Kayaking & Misc.

    I have only had my kayak out four times since I bought it a little over a week ago, but I am really enjoying it! I took it out tonight at the Wellington Reservation. Here is the view from where I sit: Since I used my Dad’s camera to take the above photo, I found […]

  • Day 187 – HTML 5

    As many of you already know, HTML 5 was released a few days ago. Say goodbye to XHTML! (Finally!) Here are a few resources for those of you who want to get an edge on the competition and see what is new in HTML 5 so you can implement it right away: A full write-up […]

  • Day 90 – Anti-Productivity Apps

    Yesterday I wrote about my 6 favorite productivity apps. I thought it only appropriate that today I write about the opposite: anti-productivity apps. These are things that help me waste time (like I need a lot of help doing that…) while I am supposed to be doing work. I am not a huge gamer, but […]

  • Day 89 – Productivity Apps

    We read articles like “Top 10 [insert adjective here] Apps” on Digg at least once a week. Well, I decided to out together a list, not because I think I know better what is best, or I am discontented with the few thousand other top 10 articles out there, but because I wanted to put […]

  • Day 56 – Safari 4 Beta

    As many of you already know, Apple released the Safari 4 Beta yesterday. I will spare you all of my thoughts on it, but I like it a lot. Its design has changed slightly, but the big improvement is all of its back end additions that are really paving the way for new web standards. […]

  • Day 14 – Disk Warrior

    Disk Warrior, produced by Alsoft, has saved me and hard drives that I have worked on multiple times. Corrupt catalogue on your drive?  Lost file directory data? Corrupt sectors on your startup disk? Disk does not mount? Disk Warrior will fix it. I keep my CD in my bag just incase something happens. You never […]