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  • Interview with John Durant

    Originally posted at The Primal Challenge blog. Enjoy! I had the great fortune of being able to listen to a lecture by professional caveman John Durant at Hillsdale College last night. I also got to hang out and chat with him for the evening and he graciously agreed to do an interview for The Primal […]

  • The Cost of the War on Drugs

    Today marks the 40th anniversary of Nixon’s War on Drugs. Check out the video and infographic below to see what the war on drugs costs and decide if it is worth it. All of this info is brought to you by and the Foundation for Economic Education. View’s inaugural post for more information […]

  • Summer Job

    This summer I had an internship with the Foundation for Economic Education. I was based out of Atlanta where I worked with the Programs branch of the organization. We did a total of 7 week-long seminars in 3 cities (Atlanta, Estes Park, CO, and Irvington, NY) with over 600 students in attendance during the 2010 […]

  • Happy Independence Day

    Read the Declaration today. Print it out and discuss it with friends and family. It is profoundly important. Spend time going through the structure and diction. Each word is important and was not idly chosen––the words written here have power, meaning, and purpose. Only through a proper understanding of these ideas can one know what […]

  • Day 328 – Case Dismissed

    On Day 301, I wrote about getting a moving violation for passing a vehicle on the right. After weighing my options, I decided to challenge it (against much advice to the contrary). The date of my pre-trial meeting with the county prosecutor was today. I took in a highlighted copy of the Michigan Vehicle Code, […]

  • Day 325 – Two Types of Fair Trade

    I realized tonight that there are two different, commonly accepted meanings of “Fair Trade,” and only one meaning I support. The first type focuses on paying producers a higher price for goods, typically raw materials, raw food, etc. (This is the meaning I am against.) The second type is against products that use slavery anywhere […]

  • Day 324 – Liberty Fund

    Hillsdale College just had a Liberty Fund Library dedication ceremony today that I attended. Liberty Fund gave the college an entire set of the books it publishes, which is available to students in the Grewcock Formal Lounge. For those of you not familiar with Liberty Fund, I want to give you a quick introduction in […]

  • Day 313 – Twenty Year Anniversary of Tearing Down The Berlin Wall

    Today, the Classical Liberal Organization (a group at Hillsdale I am the president of) organized a speaker panel on the topic: “The Fall of the Berlin Wall: Past, Present, and Future.” The CLO set up this panel to bring to light the reality of communism and how it affected the entire world. For far too […]

  • Day 309 – Dr. Richard Ebeling

    Tonight, Richard Ebeling travelled to Hillsdale to give a thought-provoking and engaging lecture, titled “Why the Berlin Wall Came Down and Socialism Failed: Ludwig von Mises and the Power of Ideas.” Dr. Ebeling is a prolific author, former president of the Foundation for Economic Education, and professor of economics at many different institutions, including Hillsdale […]

  • Day 308 – Articles to Read

    Have some spare time (unlike me)? Read these articles. They are very good. I had to read three of them recently for class, and the fourth I came across a little over a week ago. Menger: On the Origins of Money (PDF) Hayek: The Use of Knowledge in Society (PDF) Horwitz: Subjectivism (Google Book) Buchheit: […]

  • Day 302 – Patri Friedman at Hillsdale

    Tuesday, political theorist, activist, former Google engineer, and World Series of Poker player Patri Friedman came to Hillsdale to give a talk on structural activism and seasteading. Friedman is the founder of The Seasteading Institute, whose mission is “to further the establishment and growth of permanent, autonomous ocean communities, enabling innovation with new political and […]

  • Day 296 – Market Anarchy Links

    I originally compiled this list for Mr. and Mrs. Odell, but I thought it would be good for everyone to check out. Introduction to Anarchy and the Law: Ed Stringham Anarchist Theory FAQ: Bryan Caplan What it means to be an Anarcho-Capitalist: Stephan Kinsella But Wouldn’t Warlords Take Over?: Robert Murphy A 5-part series from […]

  • Day 274 – Flavored Cigarette Ban

    Apparently the government decided to cast its oppressive shadow over more of America and ban flavored cigarettes. I don’t smoke, so it took me a week and a half to hear about this. This ban is garbage. I have a feeling that the FDA is just getting started with its regulations. Since a lot of […]

  • Day 251 – “Cleaned By Capitalism”

    Starting on Earth Day in 2004, Don Boudreaux at did a series of posts titled “Cleaned by Capitalism”. These posts display low cost pollution-fighting technology that capitalism has brought the world. He only did a few posts in 2004, but in the last couple months, he has made a lot more posts displaying how […]

  • Day 226 – Three Lessons of Freedom

    In this interview with, the Foundation for Economic Education’s President, Larry Reed, gave three lessons of freedom we are in danger of forgetting: 1. Government can provide you with absolutely nothing except that which it has first taken from somebody else. 2. A government big enough to give you want you want, is big […]

  • Day 220 – Philosophical vs Utilitarian Arguments

    Brad and I drove up to his house on Chautauqua Lake this morning. On the way, we discussed some of the recent health care issues taking place in this country. (We also discussed various other things, but that is not the topic of this post.) While discussing the arguments against the health care reforms and […]

  • Day 198 – Last Day of YSC

    Today was the last day of FEE’s YSC in Midland. I had a wonderful time this week! I met so many wonderful scholars and defenders of liberty here. Tomorrow, Brad and I are driving down to Hillsdale for a little while, then we are driving home. To all of you who are sick of photos […]

  • Day 197 – Privatizing Roads

    Today was another great day at FEE’s YSC. Among other things, Walter Block talked about privatizing roads, which he recently authored a book about. I also got to participate in a discussion over lunch with Block, Ben Powell, and some other students about the legitimacy of fractional reserve banking. I also went out to dinner […]

  • Day 196 – Third Day of YSC

    There were some wonderful lectures today, including an immigration talk from Ben Powell, in which he destroyed every argument brought up against open borders. Another highlight of my day today was that I spent some time having a discussion with Walter Block. Also, Brad and I went to an asian restaurant for dinner, and I […]

  • Day 191 – An Apology to Jeff Knaebel

    A week or so ago, I received a comment from David at on the post I wrote about Jeff Knaebel. Here is what he wrote: AN UPDATE ON MR. KNAEBEL I was with Jeff in Delhi when he did this, and have news on what happened next. The police agreed with his declaration, applauded […]