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  • Interview with John Durant

    Originally posted at The Primal Challenge blog. Enjoy! I had the great fortune of being able to listen to a lecture by professional caveman John Durant at Hillsdale College last night. I also got to hang out and chat with him for the evening and he graciously agreed to do an interview for The Primal […]

  • National Review Online

    One of my photos was on National Review Online today! The photo was of the recently dedicated statue of Former President Reagan that was dedicated here at Hillsdale College last week. The Reagan statue is Hillsdale’s most recent addition to the Liberty Walk. Here is a larger version:

  • Hillsdale Tower Dancers

    I shot these photos of the Tower Dancers for the Hillsdale Collegian and the arts department last semester. This shot (above) ran on A1 in the March 31 edition. Coming up next: Photos of Meghan Haines, Rocker Chic. Check back soon!


    A few photos from Hillsdale College’s CCA III: The New Deal, which went from Jan. 31- Feb. 3. Amity Shlaes: Bradley C.S. Watson: Dr. Burt Folsom, giving one of FDR’s famous gestures of dissatisfaction (ironically to FDR’s New Deal policies):

  • Arts for Creative Minds

    Above: Freshman Samantha Gilman volunteers for “Arts for Creative Minds, a volunteer program where college students work with area youth in arts-related activities.” Read the article. (From the February 11 edition of the Collegian.)

  • Professor Fuerst, Composer

    Professor Matt Fuerst, part of Hillsdale’s excellent music faculty, is a composer who has had his compositions performed on three continents. In the picture above, he explains his composition method to the Hillsdale Collegian. Read the full story.

  • Professor Knecht

    Click on the photo to view it at a larger size. I took this photo for today’s Collegian. This is one of Hillsdale’s art professors, Sam Knecht, “painting a large-scale scene of the Founding Fathers signing the American Constitution. The painting is part of the September opening of the Allan P. Kirby, Jr. Center for […]

  • Day 346 – Charger Basketball

    The Hillsdale men’s basketball team played their home opener today! They played a tough game, but unfortunately lost to Ferris State 78-67. Below: Sophomore Tyler Gerber goes for two. Click on the photo to enlarge it.

  • Day 344 – Be A Number

    “Senior Kevin Hershock keeps careful count of his T-shirts. As the president of Be A Number, every $20 shirt he sells has a twin that will become the property of an underprivileged child in America or a third world country.” Read the rest of the article. Oh, and all bagels I eat from now on […]

  • Day 323 – Men of Mu Alpha

    While on my way to take a photo for The Collegian Tuesday night, I ran into the men of Mu Alpha serenading various women’s dorms. I decided to snap a few shots, as I am friends with and respect many of the Mu Alphans. (For those of you who do not know, Mu Alpha is […]

  • Day 321 – Richard Brookhiser

    Richard Brookhiser held a public lecture and book signing at Hillsdale tonight:

  • Day 318 – Charger Volleyball

    Today was a big day for Hillsdale sports! The football team won 27-24 against Minnesota State in OT at their first ever D2 playoff appearance. Then, the volleyball team won their GLIAC playoff match against Ashland! They go to the championship tomorrow! Here are a few shots from the volleyball game. (I was not at […]

  • Day 311 – QB Sack!

    …one of many that took place during the 59 Hillsdale-24 Tiffin game this afternoon.

  • Day 287 – Football Alumni Game

    I am on my way to Chicago on Thursday. I am excited! Besides lots of sight-seeing, photographing, and eating, I plan to update my photography portfolio here on my site while I am there. I have not updated it in a year, and my skills have improved in that time. I have a lot of […]

  • Day 286 – More Charger Swimming

    All three pre-fall break exams are finished! Now I have to put the finishing touches on my Austrian Economics paper on the notion of cost and its use in economic regulation, and I will be on my way to visit Ryan in Chicago! Now, for the regularly scheduled program: 4 photos from the Charger Blue […]

  • Day 285 – Baseball Alumni Game

    The Hillsdale Baseball Alumni came together last weekend to play a memorial softball game: In other news: 2 exams down, 1 to go, and one paper to finish before I leave for Chicago!

  • Day 284 – ∆T∆ Fraternity

    A shot of ∆T∆ (pronounced Delta Tau Delta) in the homecoming parade: ∆T∆’s representative, Taylor Gage, was Homecoming King:

  • Day 283 – Homecoming Victory

    The Chargers had a victorious win over nationally-ranked no. 1 team in division II, the Grand Valley Lakers, this afternoon. The Chargers broke the Lakers’ 48 regular season game winning streak. What a wonderful homecoming! Read about the win at the Hillsdale College athletics page.