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  • Day 198 – Last Day of YSC

    Today was the last day of FEE’s YSC in Midland. I had a wonderful time this week! I met so many wonderful scholars and defenders of liberty here. Tomorrow, Brad and I are driving down to Hillsdale for a little while, then we are driving home. To all of you who are sick of photos […]

  • Day 197 – Privatizing Roads

    Today was another great day at FEE’s YSC. Among other things, Walter Block talked about privatizing roads, which he recently authored a book about. I also got to participate in a discussion over lunch with Block, Ben Powell, and some other students about the legitimacy of fractional reserve banking. I also went out to dinner […]

  • Day 196 – Third Day of YSC

    There were some wonderful lectures today, including an immigration talk from Ben Powell, in which he destroyed every argument brought up against open borders. Another highlight of my day today was that I spent some time having a discussion with Walter Block. Also, Brad and I went to an asian restaurant for dinner, and I […]

  • Day 195 – Young Scholars Colloquium

    I am having a wonderful time at the FEE Young Scholars Colloquium seminar at Northwood University. Here are some shots from today: Dr. Nikolai Wenzel, Hillsdale College Economics Professor: Ben Stafford, FEE’s Director of Programs: Princewill Njie, a guy I met from Cameroon: Dr. Sanford Ikeda, Purchase College Economics Professor: The Sloan Building at Northwood:

  • Day 162 – A Contest

    Yesterday during one of the question and answer sessions at FEE, one of the professors, Gene Callahan, brought up this hypothetical situation for the students to think about and attempt to answer, then he revealed the actual answer to us. So, since I occasionally ask questions on here for people to answer, I am going […]

  • Day 160 – FEE, Second Day

    Today was my second day at FEE (but the first full day). The seminars have been great so far! A few of my friends from Hillsdale are here, so I have enjoyed catching up with them in between seminars. Here is a shot from the room that the seminars are in:

  • Day 70 – Anticipation and Excitement

    I have been looking forward to the end of this week for a while now. I only have a few days left to get through, then I will have a much-awaited break! Above is a photo that I took the last time I was in South Carolina a few years ago. I hope to have […]

  • Personal Beliefs vs. Political Beliefs

    I have been thinking about this for a while.   I think it is important when talking about legislative policy and our beliefs to ask ourselves this question: Do I actually believe in this strongly enough to force it upon others through legislative action, or is it just a personal belief?   I am okay […]

  • Lessons from FEE

    I am learning a lot from the seminars at FEE that I have been attending. I plan to overview some of the lessons from the seminars on here this week. They will be in no particular order.   Aggregates We should all do our best not to speak in aggregate terms when we actually mean […]