Category: Photography

  • Day 1 – Lorain Lighthouse

      This is the first post of my 365! I took this photo on Christmas Day. The sun was shining and I wanted to go out and take a few photos. I drove up to Lake Erie and took some photos of various places. This picture of the Lorain Lighthouse is a sample of what […]

  • Photo Portfolio   My photo portfolio is now online. There are three pages to it (there is a black arrow under the thumbnails to go to the next page). Check it out and let me know what you think.

  • Hillsdale Photo Gallery

      After a long week of writing essays, lots of reading, and a test, the weekend came. I went to a picnic friday evening and Saturday I went for a bike ride, relaxed, washed clothes, and did homework. I also went to see a speaker, Jim Tusty, maker of the film “The Singing Revolution“. After […]

  • 2008 AAPT Physics Photo Contest

    I was just notified that I won second place in the Contrived category in the 2008 AAPT Physics Photo Contest!   For the contest, physics students from around the world were challenged to submit a photo, either natural or contrived, illustrating a physics concept. The students were required to take the photo themselves and to […]

  • Lake Chautauqua

    I spent the last week in Chautauqua, NY with my friend Brad Akin. I had a great time. We spent the week fishing, jetskiing (I was able to get the jetski up to 53mph!), kayaking, and loitering around searching the internet.  Brad introduced me to Andriaccio’s Stuffed Olives Asiago which are quite possibly the tastiest appetizers I […]