Week of September 26

It is chilly outside, Charlie is showing more of his own personality and interests every day, and lots happening in my corner of the WordPress world this week.

Table of contents:


  • Charlie’s favorite song right now is Wheels on the Bus. He loves doing the hand motions.
  • Charlie’s favorite author is Sandra Boynton.
  • He is getting faster at climbing the stairs every day. This weekend he figured out how to take a sippy cup up with him by putting it two steps above him, climbing up to it, then repeating.
  • He is learning how to do a high five. Next time you see him, ask him for a high five.

Home & Garden

Tomatillos were doing well at the beginning of the week, but the cold weather pretty much killed the plants, so this is the last of the tomatillos for the season.

Currently waiting for my jalapeños to turn red so I can turn them into chipotles.

With the arrival of chilly weather, I pulled the ACs out of the windows. It seems like we went from 80/90s (F) to 40/50s (F) with only a week of 70F in-between.

We had a couple of fires in the chiminea on the porch this week. I’m really glad we got that.

Good things from around the web


  • Ton Zijlstra on WordPress+IndieWeb as the OS of the Open Social Web, a topic near and dear to my heart.
  • Cloudflare’s new origin rules open up more possibilities for serving different services on the same domain. Yoast uses it to serve static pages for docs on Cloudflare Pages and their WordPress blog at /blog on their own infrastructure.
  • The ability to set block patterns changes as content-only will land in WordPress 6.1. This gets rid of the need for one of the more common ACF use-cases I’ve seen. I’m excited for this to land.
  • Dan Knauss mentioned my WordPress Core Contributor Stats post on Post Status this week.
    • I’d been toying with the idea of joining the Post Status Slack for a while and this pushed me over the edge. I’m glad I did, because after chatting with Dan there, we decided to work together on compiling historical and ongoing contributor stats. More soon.
  • My contributor stats post also got shared on WP Owls, WPNews.io, and PainelWP.

Other things

A new bar called Mothership opened in San Diego. We live on the other side of the country, but I want to go. Check out their gorgeous menu:

Other things I’m thinking about

  • What does Winter Tiki look like? Lots of overlap between island spices and winter spices (cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, anise). How do you make a tiki drink that feels seasonally appropriate in a cold climate?
    • If you have any winter tiki favorites, let me know!
  • Christmas cards. We found a local artist who does house portraits and had her do one for our Christmas cards. We love it. Now we need to get the cards printed.
  • I’ve learned more about SSH in the past three weeks than I ever thought I’d know for a project at work. Updated my digital garden entry accordingly.

I finally figured out how to stop Spotify from launching on startup. There is an option buried in the Spotify app settings:

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