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  • Day 103 – Daffodils

    Click on the photo to view it at a larger size (recommended). This photo was taken at my aunt’s house in Wellington. I went outside and took photos to occupy myself after the pre-Easter dinner we had over there. I am back in Hillsdale now after a nice weekend at home. Hopefully spring is actually […]

  • Day 92 – Spring!

    Spring is here! Flowers of all sorts are budding on campus and the weather is finally warming up. Of course, I did not take this photo here, because I have not had time to spend on taking photos around campus. I have had a lot of work this week from multiple fronts. Click on the […]

  • Day 68 – Spring is on its way!

      Spring is on its way! It has been relatively warm here for the past week and it is wonderful. Spring break is also coming up next week. I am going to Charleston, SC for the week. It should be lots of fun! I of course did not take this photo during the spring, because […]