Day 114 – Water Barrier

This is a shot of the water barrier in the steeplechase in the Gina Relays, which are going on this weekend at Hillsdale. I recommend you view this photo at a larger size by clicking on it.

The water on the other side (which starts deep and has a gradual slope, which rewards runners with better jumping abilities) had fish in it! Someone caught about 20 bluegill and bought some goldfish and had them swimming in here. It was quite amusing. For the record, all fish were still alive after this event.

By the way, it got up to 84 degrees today. The weather was beautiful!

…and I got a 95% on a calc II exam I was worried about!

Day 109 – Charger Baseball

Click the photo to view it large.

I am glad that the spring sports (baseball and outdoor track) are here, not because I enjoy watching them, but because I love taking photos of outdoor sports! Above is a shot of the Hillsdale Charger Baseball team taking on Saginaw Valley State on Saturday.

Day 26 – Joseph White and Peter Collier

Day 2 of the Cars & Trucks, Markets & Government CCA. Joseph White from the Wall Street Journal (top) and Peter Collier, political author and founder of Encounter Books (bottom), spoke today. White spoke on the decline of the Detroit 3 since 1970 and Collier spoke on the history of the Ford Motor Company. Both speakers were very interesting and, in my opinion, much better than yesterday’s John Engler. White was engaging and witty, and Collier’s story about Ford was full of fascinating information. Click the photos to view them larger.

Day 25 – CCA Week

Tonight was the first lecture of the Center for Constructive Alternatives lecture series titled, “Cars and Trucks, Markets and Government.” Pictured here is John Engler, former Governor of Michigan, who delivered the first lecture. Click on the photo to view larger.


Mr. Engler disappointed me a little with his question dodging and his support of the government bailout of the auto industry. Let’s hope that the other speakers will be better. It looks like a few other people on the schedule are going to be great. I will report what I think on here in the coming days.


Here is the schedule for the week:


8:00 p.m. “Michigan’s Competitiveness, Yesterday and Today”
               John Engler
               Former Governor, State of Michigan


4:00 p.m. “The Decline of the ‘Big Three’ Since the 1970s”

               Joseph White
               Wall Street Journal

8:00 p.m. “The Fords and the Rise of the U.S. Automotive Industry”
               Peter Collier
               Co-Author, The Fords: An American Epic


4:00 p.m. “Do Ethanol Regulations Make Sense?”
               Martin Fridson
               Author, Unwarranted Intrusions: The Case Against 
               Government Intervention In the Marketplace

8:00 p.m. “New Car Technology: Should Government Have a Role?”
               Myron Ebell
               Competitive Enterprise Institute


4:00 p.m. “The U.S. Automotive Industry: Looking Ahead”
               David Cole
               Center for Automotive Research

8:00 p.m. “American Cars and American Culture”
               Paul Ingrassia
               Author, Engines of Change


11:00 a.m. Faculty Roundtable

Day 4 – Spring Schedule


I took this photo at Barber Lake, outside of Hillsdale on State Street. It looked like they were swimming across the sky!
Here is my schedule for this coming semester:

MWF, 9:00-9:50, Intro to Political Economy with Dr. Wolfram
MTWF, 10:00-10:50, Calculus 2 with Dr. Treloar
MWF, 2:00-2:50, American Heritage (H) with Dr. Birzer
T TH, 11:00-12:15, Rhetoric & Great Books II (H) with Dr. Jackson
T TH, 1:00-2:15, Microeconomics with Dr. Steele

Hillsdale Photo Gallery


After a long week of writing essays, lots of reading, and a test, the weekend came. I went to a picnic friday evening and Saturday I went for a bike ride, relaxed, washed clothes, and did homework. I also went to see a speaker, Jim Tusty, maker of the film “The Singing Revolution“. After he spoke, he showed the film. The Singing Revolution is an interesting documentary on the role that arts and culture played in Estonia’s independence movement from the USSR. I recommend seeing it if you have a chance. (I am going to buy it when it is available on DVD.)


Sunday was a wonderful day here in Hillsdale. I decided to go out and take photos of the beautiful campus.

Check out the gallery.