Tag: Flowers

  • Day 203 – Black Eyed Susans

    I got a few comments on the Black Eyed Susans that were in the back ground of the photos in yesterday’s post, so here is a photo of them:

  • Day 103 – Daffodils

    Click on the photo to view it at a larger size (recommended). This photo was taken at my aunt’s house in Wellington. I went outside and took photos to occupy myself after the pre-Easter dinner we had over there. I am back in Hillsdale now after a nice weekend at home. Hopefully spring is actually […]

  • Day 92 – Spring!

    Spring is here! Flowers of all sorts are budding on campus and the weather is finally warming up. Of course, I did not take this photo here, because I have not had time to spend on taking photos around campus. I have had a lot of work this week from multiple fronts. Click on the […]

  • Day 82 – Time to Pay the Piper

    Short post today. I wanted to put a photo of these nice flowers on my blog to have something nice to look at when I open the page. Right now I am having a severe motivation problem. It is time to pay the piper for doing little work over spring break. I have a decent […]