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  • Photo Credit at Huffington Post College

    Back in March, I had a photo of a Hillsdale College Center for Constructive Alternatives lecture picked up by Huffington Post College in an article entitled, “The 13 Most Conservative Colleges.” You can check out the original photo in this post or read the article over at the Huffington Post.

  • Day 27 – Gennady Stolyarov II

      Sharply-dressed Gennady Stolyarov II asks author Martin Fridson a question. Click the photo to view larger.   Gennady is a senior at Hillsdale College with a remarkable triple major in Economics, Mathematics, and German. He is an independent writer for a variety of online magazines and websites and runs an online magazine, The Rational Argumentator, […]

  • Day 26 – Joseph White and Peter Collier

        Day 2 of the Cars & Trucks, Markets & Government CCA. Joseph White from the Wall Street Journal (top) and Peter Collier, political author and founder of Encounter Books (bottom), spoke today. White spoke on the decline of the Detroit 3 since 1970 and Collier spoke on the history of the Ford Motor […]

  • Day 25 – CCA Week

      Tonight was the first lecture of the Center for Constructive Alternatives lecture series titled, “Cars and Trucks, Markets and Government.” Pictured here is John Engler, former Governor of Michigan, who delivered the first lecture. Click on the photo to view larger.   Mr. Engler disappointed me a little with his question dodging and his […]