Day 50 – Green Light

Now that I have a few exams out of the way, photography obligations taken care of, and strong ideas in place, it is time to hit the gas on this essay. I have a green light and the path ahead for the next couple days is clear. Time to go. 


I took this photo in South Haven a few weeks ago. I saw it and thought it was appropriate for what I have to do in the next couple days.

Day 35 – More Ice Sculpting

Here is another photo of the ice sculpting from the weekend. Click the photo to view it larger.


The gallery from South Haven is now posted! Check it out! (It has four pages…make sure you look at all four!)


I have spent the evening so far finishing Don Quixote, working on math, working on econ, and now I am going to work on the weekly “Question to Think About” from Dr. Jackson. I am also planning my schedule for the weekend and next week, since I have a paper to write, two exams to study for, a play to read, and events to photograph. I will be busy!

Day 34 – Frozen Wasteland

I slept pretty well last night and I had a nice day today. I had the chance today to go to a few of the off-campus facilities that the college runs to do some tech work. It was interesting. I especially liked the Hillsdale Academy, a model K-12 school Hillsdale College runs pioneering new methods in childhood education. 


I apologize for the brevity of this post. I am pretty busy tonight. If you are looking for something to read, I suggest checking out I am sure at least one, if not all, of the ten daily articles on there will be worth your time.

Day 33 – Portraits & Candids



In South Haven over the weekend, I made a special point to work on my portrait and candid shots of people. This is an area where I had a great deal of difficulty in the past. I have a long way to go, but I think I am making progress. The photos above are some of the outcomes of practice on Saturday. Click on the photos to view them larger. Once you click one, you can navigate to the other three. Hover over the photos (once large) to see how.


The gallery will be posted on Wednesday. I made it and it is already uploaded, but I have a few more photos I want to display on the front page before I show all of them.

Day 32 – Ice Sculpting

This is a continuation of the photos I took in South Haven on Saturday. This man was participating in the ice sculpting contest and he was actually using an iron (yes, an electric clothes iron), to make the ice smooth and shiny. Click on the photo to view it larger.


The gallery of the photos I took in South Haven will be up in a few days.

Day 31 – South Haven, MI

South Pier Lighthouse, South Haven, MI. Click the photo to view it larger.


Today, my friends David, Hannah, Bethany, and I drove two and a half hours west to South Haven, MI. Our original intention was to photograph the lighthouse there and then explore the town, but when we arrived, we found a pleasant surprise. The town was hosting an ice sculpture contest in the main downtown area! It was spectacular. Many restaurants, bakeries, and coffee shops were open because all of the tourists (like us), and the town was very lively despite the cold weather. It was a beautiful, sunny day, which was excellent. Hannah (who is also a photographer) and I took a couple hundred photos around town and around the lighthouse. After enduring the piercing wind while out walking on the ice, we found a chocolate shop that serves hot dark chocolate. It was delicious! 


I will post more photos from the trip in the coming days. I will then post a full gallery. Stay tuned! 




More on what I did yesterday, since I did not include it with yesterday’s update: 


I woke up at 7 after sleeping only three and a half hours. I read a few chapters in Don Quixote and then went to Poly-Econ with Dr. Wolfram at 9, then Calc II with Dr. Treloar. After class, I spent an hour taking to Dr. Jackson about Don Quixote, photography, and life in general. Dr. Jackson is so friendly. I really like him. I then went to lunch and Dr. Birzer’s American Heritage class, after which I worked at ITS for two hours. 


The Honors Program hosted a dinner at College Baptist and Dr. Birzer’s family joined us and Dr. Birzer gave a lecture on Charles Carroll of Carrollton. After dinner, I went to a CLO (Classical Liberal Organization) meeting and discussed the upcoming lectures we are hosting and movies we want to show. I am pretty excited for this new club. We all agreed to do a few lectures for weekly meetings, so the first one I am going to do is on Seasteading. The date is TBA.