Category: Strobist

  • Diving

    At the beginning of the semester, I got to spend some time down at the pool shooting some fun photos for the Hillsdale Collegian. The sports editor wanted to run a profile on the swim team’s new diver, Gretchen. She is the first diver Hillsdale has had since the 2008 season. Gretchen Whenever the Collegian […]

  • Lighting Smoke Trails

    I shot this for a story at my college paper about the city deferring the medical marijuana decision ruling four consecutive times. We needed a catchy jump from A1, so I came up with this. This was a fun shoot. We got some strange looks, but good results. Disclaimer: These are hand-rolled tobacco cigarettes. No […]

  • Chicken and Spinach Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

    Strobist info: I tried the Strobist method of using the ceiling as a light mod in this shot. Canon 430EX at 1/2 power bounced off of the ceiling. Fired via a Cactus V5 trigger. I’ve been doing quite a bit on diet and nutrition this summer and last Sunday I decided to take the 30 […]

  • Trevor Freudenburg

    As I edit the photos from the wedding I photographed this weekend, I will continue to post photos I took last semester. I shot these portraits of Trevor Freudenburg for his acting portfolio shortly after I shot Ryan’s. Trevor didn’t want his photos taken in a studio like everyone else’s, so we went up on […]

  • Ryan Black, Actor

    In the spring I shot some portraits of Ryan Black for his acting portfolio. I included strobist info underneath each photo. Thank you to Alex Cothran for assisting me on this shoot. Strobist info: Two studio strobes in umbrella softboxes at 45 degrees from Ryan’s nose on both sides. Both on 1/8 power. There is […]

  • Meghan Haines, Rocker Chic

    I shot these photos of Meghan Haines last semester for a fashion section of the Hillsdale Collegian. See a few more photos and some commentary over at the Hillsdale Arts Blog. A special thank you to Marieke van der Vaart and Rachel Hoffer for helping me with this shoot. Strobist info (above): Softbox camera left […]

  • Josh Taccolini

    Josh Taccolini is a very talented musician with a passion for helping others. I shot these photos for an article on Josh’s fundraiser for his Detroit missions work last semester for the Collegian. Check out the article to see what he is doing for Youthworks Detroit this summer. Strobist info for above: SB-24 in a […]

  • Jenifer at W@tercooler

    For the next few weeks, I am participating in the Strobist Boot Camp III in order to have some fun and hone my skills. Here is my entry for the first assignment. Strobist info: Canon 430EX fired through a softbox camera right about 3 feet away on 1/32. Vivitar 285HV gobo’d and fired at 1/4 […]

  • Photographing Fire Spinners

    Above: Jen and Chris silhouetted while spinning poi together. I had the opportunity ten days ago to travel up to Connecticut to go to a party and photograph some people spinning fire. I really enjoyed photographing John Walsh spinning fire for the Collegian last winter, so I immediately jumped on this opportunity and headed north. […]

  • The Brothers Flint

    I shot these photos for a story in the Collegian about the talented Flint Brothers. Read it here. The brothers, students at Hillsdale, wrote and conducted the entire score for the Tower Players’ production of King Stag. Visit their website. I learned about this story at the last minute, so I only had one chance […]

  • Food & Mood: Lighting Setup

    The semester moved into high gear quickly and I’ve spent my time recently finishing other projects and keeping on top of my classwork and exams. I want to post some photos I’ve shot recently for The Collegian. I shot this photo as a headliner for the Arts & Style section’s focus on food in the […]