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  • Lake Chautauqua

    I spent the last week in Chautauqua, NY with my friend Brad Akin. I had a great time. We spent the week fishing, jetskiing (I was able to get the jetski up to 53mph!), kayaking, and loitering around searching the internet.  Brad introduced me to Andriaccio’s Stuffed Olives Asiago which are quite possibly the tastiest appetizers I […]


  • What is Value?

    A friend of mine was reading New Ideas from Dead Economists, a book by Todd Buchholz that explains and critiques economic thought from Adam Smith to Keynes. In it, there is a section about Karl Marx and his theories. In explaining Marx’s labor exploitation theory, Buchholz points out that Marx rests his claims on the premise that […]

  • July 4

    This July 4, people all across America will be at cookouts and celebrations, their hearts swelling with patriotism for their country and everything in it. Many people will watch fireworks, sing the national anthem, honor the flag, and listen to stories of how the founding fathers inspired a nation to gain its independence. The media […]

  • Cleveland Orchestra Star Spangled Spectacular

    …not so spectacular this year. Well, at least not the fireworks. The orchestra sounded great and Tower City was beautifully lit up.   On the downside, however, the fireworks were in a different spot than they have been in previous years. I had my tripod and camera all set up to take some fireworks shots […]

  • Post-Graduation Party Update

    My trip to NY and two weeks of FEE seminars came to an end on Friday. I was originally scheduled to fly home at 7:30, but I managed to get a flight at 5:30 (which I was thankful for because LGA had a 2-hour backup for take-offs). I had a great time and learned a […]

  • Good Reads

    I decided to link to a few articles that I think are worth reading. If you have some time, look through them.   The Dream That Was America by Robert Hawes Can You Say Marginal Rate of Substitution? by Gary Galles The Enemy Is Always the State by Lew Rockwell Everything You Love, You Owe […]

  • Personal Beliefs vs. Political Beliefs

    I have been thinking about this for a while.   I think it is important when talking about legislative policy and our beliefs to ask ourselves this question: Do I actually believe in this strongly enough to force it upon others through legislative action, or is it just a personal belief?   I am okay […]


  • Lessons from FEE

    I am learning a lot from the seminars at FEE that I have been attending. I plan to overview some of the lessons from the seminars on here this week. They will be in no particular order.   Aggregates We should all do our best not to speak in aggregate terms when we actually mean […]

  • Layout Issues

    I was just informed that I have a few layout issues in IE and Firefox. I am going to continue to try and fix them. The layout is supposed to look like this:  (click the image) If the layout does not look the same on your computer, please take a screenshot and email it to […]

  • FEE, NYC

    So last week and this coming week, I have been right outside of NYC attending seminars at the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE, henceforth). The first week was Freedom University and next week is History & Liberty. FEE has brought in some great speakers for the week: Gene Callahan, Sheldon Richman, Paul Cwik, Ivan Pongracic, and […]

  • Fusionman

    Yes, that is actually a person flying through the Swiss Alps. He calls himself Fusionman. He is the first man ever to successfully fly with wings, powered by four engines on his back. Click on the photo to view more photos from Reuters.

  • O brave new (blog), That has such (posts) in it!

    Okay, okay, so it does not exactly match that famous line from The Tempest, but you get the idea. Yes, this is the new blog. And yes, it actually works and will be updated, unlike the old one. This blog fulfills two things: First, my site needed a facelift. Second, I wanted a place to […]