Week of April 25

Tough week. All three of us had colds the beginning half of the week (the first for Amanda and me since before COVID), then Charlie started teething again the latter half of the week. Seasonal allergies hit me this week, too.

Nevertheless, some highlights:

  • Caught up with Jeremy Felt, which is always nice.
    • I now have his Shortnotes plugin up and running under a different namespace/slug (micro), so I’ll be using it soon!
  • Cooked/baked some English muffins this week. I always forget how easy they are to make at home, and how much tastier they are than Thomas’. I use the Baking Steel recipe, but I prefer to fry them in a cast iron skillet, which is easier to clean up than the baking steel.
  • Made lentil vegetable soup.
  • Published a meditation on the importance of blogging.
  • Made some Japanese curry and katsu.
  • Bought and set up a grow light for our seedlings. I bought a bulb and put it in the swing arm light I already had attached to my desk so it is easy to position.
  • Swim class on Saturday with Charlie was fun. He is really getting the hang of kicking, and he started splashing a lot on his own this time, which is a good step to being comfortable in the water.
  • I sowed some flower seeds on Sunday. Some of the neighbor’s black eyed susans self-seeded along a section of our fence, so we decided to turn over the ground along the rest of it and seed it with echinacea, African blue daisies, amaranth, cosmos, and showy orange milkweed.
  • It is ice cream season again! We’ve wanted to get an ice cream maker for a while, but continue to hold off because going out to a local ice cream shop is always a good diversion for all of us. Our current go-to is The Blue Pig in Croton.

Cool site I stumbled upon this week: http://www.insearchofsimplicity.net/ – A site dedicated to Bill Coperthwaite. I found it while looking for some of Bill’s democratic woodworking designs. I really like that someone digitized and linked to his library.

Currently reading:

Flowers along the fence

Currently reading:

  • Sea of Tranquility by Emily St. John Mandel
    • I love Methuselian characters in stories: Daniel Defoe in Mr. Eternity, Enoch Root in Neal Stephenson’s books, and Gaspery-Jacques Roberts in this book.
    • Some characters from Emily’s other books show up in this book, which is fun.
  • The Amish: A Concise Introduction by Steve Nolt

I just pre-ordered The Woks of Life cookbook. I’ve cooked a lot of things off of their site and have subscribed to it in my RSS reader for years, so this was an instant pre-order for me.

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  1. Jeremy Felt Avatar

    I just shipped a new version of Shortnotes which includes a filter for shortnotes_post_type_arguments that you can use to filter just about everything with the post type before it is registered.

    (Chuck was looking for a way to do this, so I tossed it in.) 🍻

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