Weeks of October 16 & 23, 2023

While hunched over in my IKEA Poäng chair looking at my laptop, I thought, “I wish there were a desk for this chair.” So I fired up my web browser and typed in the magic incantation, and Bateman Labs makes one!

I bought it, Charlie helped me put it together, and I love it. It has improved my posture and it makes a nice alternative to my standing desk.

Using FeedLand I created a News Product for Peekskill with all of the local and city news feeds I could find. Check it out at https://peekskill.news/

Future updates to make:

  • Split the feeds into tabs: All, City, Local news, Area news (like River Journal North, etc).
  • Figure out how to pull in Twitter and Instagram feeds. This probably requires me setting up a service to make feeds on one of my servers.

Gabriel Sim-Laramee remixed one of my Sol LeWitt wall drawings that I did in javascript. Pretty cool!

I spent a week in Málaga, Spain, for work. We had a Division Meetup (here is last year’s in Denver) with ~250 of our coworkers. It was a great time!

  • I gave a workshop on using Grafana and Logstash for tracking down problems.
  • I gave a flashtalk on FeedLand, a project we’re working with Dave Winer on.
  • I got to meet and chat with a bunch of cool people I haven’t met in person before, including Alex Kirk, proprietor of Friends, and Matrix guru.
  • I attended a lot good sessions and workshops, and collaborated across different divisions of the company. This is always pretty valuable for us.
  • A group of us walked down to the Mediterranean sea one night and jumped in. The water was a brisk 65F.
  • We got some free time to visit the Picasso Museum and walk around the city center, where I picked up some torrons from Vicens. I also got a smashed 5c piece to add to my smashed penny collection.
  • I ate my weight in jamon.
  • The way there and back was mostly uneventful, though I traveled about 20 hours each way. I do not love that. I read part of a book on the history of Spain of the way there, then watched a full season of Yellowstone on the way back.
  • We had so many people flying in that I saw my coworkers at multiple connecting airports: NYC (JFK), Amsterdam, and Paris.
  • I played beach volleyball!

While I was gone, Amanda did a trunk or treat at Charlie’s daycare. Charlie wanted to be a cow, so Amanda went with a farm theme.

When I got back, I spent the next morning with Charlie at the playground, and there was conveniently a construction site close by for us to watch. They are redoing an old football field and putting in pickleball courts and a new track. Charlie knows all of the construction vehicles!

I then went down to Manhattan that night for a surprise birthday for Chris Johnson at Caledonia.

Sunday Amanda and I met Meg, Jeremy, and Miles at an indoor halloween event in Elmsford. The boys had Jedi costumes. Last year that they dressed up as Mario & Luigi.

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