Week of October 9, 2023

Charlie had Monday off from daycare for the holiday, but Amanda and I had to work, so we switched off every couple hours. Charlie and I started off the morning by going to the coffee shop, picking up some cheese at the grocery store, and watching trains at the train station. We also played in the yard for a while before naptime. Charlie and Amanda decorated small pumpkins.

That evening some friends had us over to carve pumpkins and have a bonfire.

Monday was a great day for Charlie.

The Whole Earth Catalog is now available online. Incredible resource to have archived. Here is how the online archive came to be.

I’m fascinated by the image prompt injection people are doing with GPT-4V. Much more interesting than text prompt injection, IMO. Simon Willison has a good post up about it.

Neighbor spent all day lowering his car (a Subaru WRX, I think). Now he can’t get it in or out of the driveway without it bottoming out. So far he hasn’t lifted it back up, he just lets it scrape.

Reminder to change the cabin air filter in your car occasionally. You can usually buy them on Amazon and replace them yourself pretty easily.

This Wednesday was the last Wood Fired Wednesday at Pizzeria Baci. Of course we had to go. The pizza was excellent as always, and this week Charlie decided that he likes pepperoni, which is new. He didn’t like it two weeks ago, but now he loves it. My man. He is the latest in the long line of Grimmett men who love pepperoni pizza.

It helps that saying “pep per O knee” is kind of fun!

Charlie’s daycare had their annual Fall Fest on Thursday. We had fun hanging out with some of the other parents and watching the kids be in their element. There were hayrides, animals to pet, hotdogs, and an ice cream truck.

Charlie and Amanda laughing on the hayride

Here is last year’s fall fest.

Charlie has been working really hard at figuring out the stairs without holding on to the rail. He is getting pretty good at it.

Charlie takes recycling very seriously.

Another Saturday, another walk in the rain. Seems like it has rained every Saturday recently. Charlie doesn’t mind. As long as we have our raincoat and boots, we are good.

This is Charlie’s walking stick.

Charlie has shown even more interest in music this week:

  • Jamming daily with a little keyboard
  • Watching videos of different kinds of instruments with Amanda. It keeps his attention longer than most videos!
  • Playing with a ukulele at a birthday party.

Saturday afternoon was Miles’s birthday party. Little guy turned two. We ran into Miles’s parents at the coffee shop when Amanda was ~30 weeks pregnant and Meg was ~22 weeks. Amanda used to work with Miles’s dad Jeremy and we didn’t know they moved up here to the Peekskill area. We’ve been hanging out ever since. When Charlie and Miles came along, they joined the hangouts. It is fun watching them grow up together.

I put in some water sensors so we get a bit of warning if our basement gets water. One in each low spot where water seeps in first and one under the sink in the kitchen. (I’m still wary of my plumbing work on the glass rinser.)

Decided to go with YoLink. I like that they use LoRA to connect to a hub that then connects to the internet instead of adding a bunch of new devices to my wifi network. There’s enough on there already.

Amanda takes horse riding lessons. This week Charlie went and got to ride a pony, which he loved. Maybe he will take lessons in a couple years, too!

Poor thing has its mane and tail dyed so he can dress up like a unicorn for parties. His name is Henry.

I’m maintaining a couple news products on FeedLand that pull in posts form a bunch of sources:

  1. https://peekskill.news – Local Peekskill news
  2. https://wordpressne.ws – WordPress Project Updates

If you want to make one for your local area or for your niche interest, let me know!

I revamped my notetaking. (Yes, longtime reader, again.)

This time I’m using Tiago Forte’s PARA method in Obsidian. Both seem to work better with my brain than previous approaches. I’m due to write a blog post about my Obsidian setup and which plugins and external capture tools I use.

I’ve been staying up very late every day this week. Haven’t gone to bed before 1am. Lots of irons in the fire and it feels good. It has taken two years, but Amanda and I are starting to feel like ourselves again, with the added bonus of having a sweet kid in our lives. (Contrast that with mostly feeling like caregivers the last two years.) Our energy and sleep are improved, which helps give space for our interests, projects, and new ideas.

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