Week of September 4, 2023

New app I’m enjoying: Texts.com, an inbox for all of your messaging apps. Been using it all week and am not looking back.

This week I kicked some home projects I’ve been neglecting into high gear.

  • Scheduled a quote for spray foam insulation in our two attic spaces
  • Had someone come out and get rid of our groundhogs
  • Scheduled someone to come out and do some maintenance on our boiler
  • Had our pile of tree limbs removed
  • Picked up what I need to fix the tile in our bathroom
  • Picked up what I need to replace the broken piece of flooring in the basement

Next up on the agenda:

  • Get a quote on installing a sump pump + radon mitigation system
  • Buying water sensors for the basement and under the sink. Probably going with YoLink once they have another sale.
  • Decide whether we want to replace the fence now or in the spring. Leaning toward the spring.

Charlie updates:

  • He is singing a lot more and making specific song requests for us to listen to in the car. They sometimes come out of left field and it is fun.
  • He is recognizing more letters and numbers by sight and saying what they are.
  • He is getting potty curious, so we think it is time to start potty training in the next couple weeks before this window closes.
  • He is doing a lot more imaginative play, such as pretending he is a bus driver or a chicken, or making some Duplo figures act out something, and building his Duplos a lot more in general.
  • Puzzles that were tough for him 6 months ago are a breeze now.
  • He got invited to a birthday party on Friday and it was fun to see him play with other kids. His friend Lorenzo ran up, grabbed Charlie’s hand, and they ran off to play.
  • He is more independent on the playground now and doesn’t feel the need to stick close to us.

I didn’t take many photos this week. I was busy at work getting caught up from being out for a week, and it was very hot here all week (weather station reported a high of 101.2F/38.44C), but I did take a couple. Here they are:

Most of our plans for the weekend fell through because of the rain. Bummer.

If your name is Dave Wasmer and you are still reading this, here is your reminder to start your weekly post ๐Ÿ˜„

Here is how I generally do mine:

  1. Take notes throughout the week in my favorite notetaking app. Just a couple bullet points as I think of them.
  2. Look through the photos I took that week and new bookmarks I made that week for inspiration.
  3. Don’t proofread or stress about it. Just press post once I’m done.
  4. I write them while Charlie is sleeping, either naptime or after bedtime.

In fact, I hear Charlie waking up from his nap, so it is time to press Publish on this and close my laptop ๐Ÿ‘‹

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2 responses to “Week of September 4, 2023”

  1. Derek Avatar

    Great tips for a weekly post! What are finding useful about the Texts.com app?

    1. Chuck Grimmett Avatar

      Having it always open on my Mac and connected to most messaging platforms I use means that I don’t have to separately check each one, especially if I don’t really want notifications for them coming through my phone.

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