Week of May 8, 2023

Tuesday we were up and out early because Amanda had to go their NYC office, so Charlie and I ate breakfast outside and watched the trains, walked by the waterfront, and played at the playground before daycare. That was nice.

Saturday morning we did the same thing as a family, and that was great too.

We like doing what we call “Charlie walks.” Within reason, he chooses where to go and we follow him. We like seeing him choose and explore. Just because we don’t know the decision-making process doesn’t mean there isn’t one.

Woodfired Wednesdays are back at Pizzeria Baci.

I sharpened my mower blades on Friday. Charlie is fascinated by how things work, so he squatted down right beside me while I was taking the blade off the mower and watched my every move. Reminds me of me watching my Dad work on things.

Charlie and his wheelbarrow.

Charlie and his wheelbarrow.

My friend Bob Ewing mentioned me in an article last week. It has been a while, so I scheduled a call to catch up with him next week.

We are working on re-outfitting our deck. We spend so much time out there in the summer that we want it to be comfortable and nice. Currently searching for a good outdoor rug, an offset tiltable umbrella, and some furniture. We just got a new grill to replace the old small one that the previous owners left here and we’ve been using since. Looking forward to lots of outside time this summer.

When I can get Charlie to bed on time, I love watching the bats flutter around and eat bugs at dusk 🦇

I had an idea this week while making margaritas: The favor profile of falernum would work well with the tequila, lime, and Cointreau. It looks like I’m not the first person to think of that, as there is a recipe for a Californian Margarita that includes falernum. I don’t love that specific recipe, so that is something for me to work on this summer.

Someone I met in California, when learning that I enjoy sci-fi, recommended the Red Rising series to me. I picked up the first one in the bookstore at SFO, which I just finished last night. I liked it and will probably read more of the series soon. I’m not sure I’d give it an open-ended recommendation unless I know you like dystopian space sci-fi.

Busy next two weeks: Charlie and I are on our own for a couple days this week while Amanda travels for work, then we have visitors the next two weekends. 👋

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