Week of December 5

Charlie in his “that” phase. He points to things constantly throughout the day asks what they are by saying “that?”. Sometimes it takes a tired daddy a few seconds to remember what a kettle is called first thing in the morning.

We got invited to a play date with some kids who were a year to a couple years older than Charlie, but Charlie held his own and did great with them. More progress on the making parents friends front, too! We find that you’ve gotta be intentional and share your number or ask for theirs, or else it doesn’t happen.

We went to the Bronx Zoo on Saturday. We forgot that lots of warm weather animals are not out when it is cold outside, so there was a lot we couldn’t see, including Charlie’s favorite from his books, the zebras. Next time! He did get to go inside and see some giraffes though, which he enjoyed. He loved the sea lions, too.

We did more Christmas cards this week (Charlie signed some!) and a bit more decorating (drying grapefruit slices, getting the wreath up out front). We treat it as an ongoing holiday process and it is less stressful that way.

Here is the Christmas tree that still needs dried grapefruits hung on it.

We had the first real snow cover last night. We have about an inch and a half covering the ground.

This week I learned about Maid-Rite sandwiches, an Iowa thing. Loose ground beef cooked with onions, on a bun with mustard and pickles. Think of a sloppy joe with no sauce or a chopped cheese without the cheese. Naturally I had to try them, so I made us some for dinner one night. They were pretty good!

Twitter’s infinite scroll behavior has been pretty broken for me all week. No more than 14 tweets will load in the feed on the web interface. Good impetus to shut the tab and get back to work.

Unfortunately, some of the shitty hot-take viral factory accounts that I thought were mostly sticking to Twitter came through on my Mastodon feed as boosts recently. I unfollowed the person who boosted that nonsense, and it looks like I need to migrate my block list from Twitter.

I’ve been brushing up on my PHP at work, making some CLI commands with the Symfony Console component.

Getting phpcs and phpcbf set up with the WordPress-Extra standards proved to be time consuming. There is a known error with the WordPress Standards and PHP 8. When I switch to the develop branch, I get different errors, and when I switch down to PHP 7.4, my Composer dependencies break for projects. Fun.

It is possible to run the command on the command line using the -d error_reporting="E_ALL&~E_DEPRECATED" flag, but that doesn’t allow VSCode extensions to run phpcs and phpcbf.

So I added this rule to my local version of the WordPress-Extra ruleset, as explained in this comment:

<ini name="error_reporting" value="E_ALL &#38; ~E_DEPRECATED" />

Kind of hacky, but at least phpcs and cbf are working 🤷‍♂️

For fun I generated some of those AI avatars people have been posting about. They are mostly meh for me, but I also didn’t have a ton a great selfies to feed into it. I don’t plan on using these for anything.

Maybe I should buy a rust colored suit? 🤔

A cool set of drawings of real root systems I came across this week:

View the collection here: https://images.wur.nl/digital/collection/coll13

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4 responses to “Week of December 5”

  1. Jeremy Felt Avatar

    I can picture the “that?” phase coming, though we aren’t there yet.

    A is very excited to let us know the kettle is hot when he’s up at the counter (whether or not the kettle is actually hot): “Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot!”
    Monday, Dec 12 at 16:02

  2. Robert Felty Avatar

    At some point after the “that” phase comes the “why” phase. That is fun for awhile, but can also get annoying. I would frequently put the question back to my kids – “why do you think?” That would usually result in one of two outcomes – 1) they simply stopped asking, which was nice for my annoyed self, or even better 2) they would actually think about it for themselves, and often come up with the same answer as I would have, or maybe something different I wouldn’t have, and then we could really have a conversation rather than just an FAQ.

  3. Chuck Grimmett Avatar

    I had a heck of a time getting it to work, but wrote about it a bit in this post. cagrimmett.com/week-of/2022/1…

    There is a known issue with the WordPress standards and PHP 8. My workaround was manually changing the error reporting setting in the rule set.

  4. Jonathan Bossenger Avatar

    Yeah, before I went to bed I wondered if it was my local PHP version. Going to try that first. This is only for demo code, I use PHPStorm otherwise.

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