Week of August 21, 2023

One cool thing that happened this week is one of my photos was selected to be in a special gallery at WordCamp US! I didn’t go this year, but some friends sent me photos. My photo is the one of the sheep, which I took in 2018. It was used in as a sign for a conference room, too.

Not much I can talk about from work this week other than I have a much better understanding of WordPress Multisite and I’ve been thinking a lot about link checkers. Hopefully I can point to some public announcements soon.

On Tuesday Charlie and I met our friend Dave and his daughter Lianella (one of Charlie’s friends from daycare) for dinner and some playtime down by the waterfront. To everyone’s relief, both kids were happily playing together and seemed to enjoy the outing. They shared well together, giggled a lot, and even carried on their own little conversation. Cool to see. It was nice to hang out with another Dad and let the kids play. We’ll definitely do it again soon.

Charlie helped pick a lot of tomatoes this week, then helped us wash and freeze them. I have plans to make sauce once it cools down. He bit into them with gusto again this year. He has grown so much since this time last year!

While peeling the Firmino tomatoes after Charlie went to bed, I discovered the joys of the Sherry Cobbler. It is delicious, low abv, easy to make, and adaptable to whatever fruit is in season.

Charlie also helped Amanda make a galette. Galettes have become a go-to for us because they are faster and easier to make than pies and taste just as good. This one was blackberry peach.

Though I haven’t carved much recently, I reconnected with two carving friends, Julia and Fahd, who came to pick up some of the cherry wood from my fallen limb. Also, I got Emmet van Driesche‘s new book in the mail, Greenwood Spoon Carving.

We saw two frogs this week, both of which I think are gray treefrogs. In our four years of living here, I had only seen one other, but this week spoiled me. Charlie was pretty excited about seeing them, too.

On Saturday we left for Cape Cod. We are staying in this cute little cottage next to a cranberry bog and spending as much time as we can at the beach this coming week 🏖️

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